Monday, July 2, 2012

Daring Caring Caring Daring Caring Daring

Its At Times Like These;
We Hear Death Chipping Away-
Smug That Time Has Come;

To Peel Off The Love; And Smash Its Kernel...
Which Keeps Two Souls In a Shroud-
Whilst One Eye Drops Tears;
The Other Sheds The Facade-
Telling Hatred Not This Day, Nor In All The Days to Come...
Forcing Death Itself to Watch-
And See The Power of Love; Inviting a Longing Seldom Felt;
- Of The Kind That Loves Without Expectation;
  For Such Is the Bond Between Love And Hate; And Death and Life-
  When They Truly Learn to Hold Hands,
  Is When They Instantly Feel Freed From The Grip-
The Grip That So Often Chokes Love;
Not Knowing That Love Thrives In Freedom;
And Freedom Is Finally What Emboldens Us-
To Hold Forth The Love, Without a Hint of Rein, And Behold That Simple Truth- Of the Compassionate Nature of Love, And Its Blossoms of Plenty... As It Sprouts Spontaneously...
Its At Times Like These;
We Begin to Remember-
The Truth of Seeing...
Minus The Canvas;
A Heart-Full of Colors... Painting Rainbows Where They Be None-
Minus The Clutching Desire... Breezing a Fluttering Leaf In Your Direction; 
With a Note That Sings, 
Love Is All You Need...
Or All You Need is Love as Rendered By The Fab Liverpudlians;
Most Touchingly of George; Gentle George, Farmer George... Plain Old George;

 I Met Love Today;
Laboring To Deny a Living Existence-
Saying Twins Are Weird...
I Asked The Reason;
Too Much Interferences-
And Then I Said Bye Bye... Bluebird... Bye,
There Are No Cages;
And Despite Those Rat-Trappings-
The Love Never Dies;
Today She Takes Flight-
And He Is Just On a Ride;
Yet Love Just Does Not Die- We Do...

Status Of My Mind...?
As In WTF Is Goin' On?
Nothin' of Note Man... Nothin' to Note...

But Wait a Minute...
If This Is Democracy;
I Love Monarchy....

For Democracy Restricts;
Feels Less Like Empowerment-
And More Despotic. Ask The Weekenders...
For We Just Got Sprung, And the Night is Deliciously Young...

Now If Vandalism Occurs;
Its Cos' You Denied Them The Dance of Life-
By Shutting Down The Floor.

I Know... My Car Was Victim To Such Youthful Hormones;
But I Do Not Blame Them.
I Blame The System; For You Cannot Play Nanny; Frankly... To Every Tom, Dick, And Harry,
Who Are Now Probably Lookin' For Action-
When They Could Have Been Singing And Dancing....

i Studied Myself;
And Found It Inadequate-
Never Felt Better! ;)

Nothing Else Matters;
The Die Has Been Rolled Over- Cast Aside...
A Bad Number!
But Its Alright; I Always Forget To Remember;
And That's a Good Howler!
Now Remember: I'm Not Here!

Folks Who Care Dare,..
Folks Who Dare Care,..
The Rest Just Nod ;D

And Shit From Upon That Fence; Colored at The Bosom and Rotting in the Deep Well.

I Wear My Heart Well;
Throughout My Body's Contours-
And It Still Won't Swell,
There's Something About it That's Real Quell-
Bonds of Bondages!
Bullocks, Butts, Ifs And All...
Just Shove It!

Yeah. Love's a 4letter Word;
Why? What Did You Have In Mind?
Know What? Just F**K***G Forget It!
Its Overrated Anyways-
"Remember That Beauty Launching a Thousand Ships?"
They Should Have Just Fished- The Poor Wretched Bastards... Then Rot 'Em to Feed That Witch.
They Were Called 'Men',.....
Here's An Amen..
A Hallelujah,
And God Blistering Ye All.
So Enjoy The Pops As Ye Pricks Pick Yer Boils That Peel.
What About Me?
Didn't I Tell Ya I'm Going Cuckoo-Cold-Doodle-Roadie-Doo? For awhile?
Gesus Froggin Morons!

i Blew With the Wind;
Splashed About the Mountain Brooks-
Had Me the Himalayas,
Sweated the Summer Sear,
Spongingly Drenched in the Monsoon Rain;
Hung Out Winters Do's And Don'ts...
Crackled the Crisp Autumn Blades;
And I'd Do It Every Year,
Gotten Rid of My Fear,
Look at me Doing it Right Now!
See How a Blade of Grass Contains The Infinite Skies?
Now Imagine The Possibilities!
The Wind's Back And i Gotta Blow...
The Suchness of Life; Sucked Dire and Dry and Hollow; Sleepy Hollow;
Thanks but No Thanks Mate... I've Nothing Against Vajra Paradisco....

Nor The Gong And its Looming Bell of a Hell!

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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