Friday, November 30, 2012


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i Hope;
For i'm Hopeless-
Just As i Use, For i'm Useless;
Now Don't You Feel Hapless-
For There Is No Help;
Ask The Abandoned Welp; Listen To Its Yelp-
Such Is True Grit...

"I Hope I Give You As Much As You Give Me...When All Is Said And Done; I Love Thee And That's The Loveliest Thing I Ever Done"

Alright Masseur Sleep;
You Can Pump Up The Gangnam Beeper,
For I'm Heading To Pale Greenland- The Insomniac's Jacking Neverland-
Massage a Bristled Seal And Eat It For a Meal;
Barter a Deal; Send The Inuit To Nebraska, A Bored Brit To Alarm
ing Alaska...
Split Time Twixt The Peeling Poles,
Freeze Me Arse in Scandalous Scandinavia... Heat It Up in Burkha Arabia,
But Right Now Its Sleepless In Cold Old Olakha...
Slumbering In Chitty Chitty Changjiji; What An Idea Sirji!

Nobody's Got Cash;
Everybody's Seemingly Broke-
Now That's a Level-Playin' Field... Weeding Grassroots Wedding GNH.
Funny How I Been Feelin' Rich!
Now Here's Your Broker...
Ah! The Noodles Beckon; Thank God For The Maggie-Wallas!

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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