Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Notes From a Wheel

Regretted Inconveniences; 
On Sudden Forked Highways-
The Road Tells Me Stories,
The Night Sky Is Jammed-
With Sparkling Petaled Stars;
That Night The Gardens Truly Hung...

"I Hope It Lands On My Head-
And Stirs a Soul I Carry Through The Sands of Time,
Far Far Away;
And Right Here Where I Drive-
Warm Witnesses In The Glowing Moon, a Mercurial Light, The Welcoming Dark of The Night, a Whispering Howl, And a Butterfly That Cried.
And Then I Entered The Misty Stretch of...
a Clear Haze, 
of a Manifested Thought..." 

You See;
Love Travels... And Travels Still-
Beyond Regrets And inconveniences,
Over Time And Space, Mountains And Mem'ries,
The Sand And The Seas;
Upon Complete Revelations,
Absolute Surrender,
Unto a Smile That Exclaims-
"Take Care And Be Well"

Taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders on De...

 Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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