Monday, December 31, 2012

December Details

Started With Lomba,
Sharchokpa's New Ear,
There's Still Nyllo,
And Losar-
So i Won't Say Now Farewell Ye Apocalyptic Dragon,
Untill The Wet Snake Blaring Its Tongs,
"i'm Gonne Fang Ye All!"

Live This Glorious Day Like There's No Tomorrow;
And Tomorrow Will Gift Ya A Whole New Year-
So That You Can Do The Same Old Shit-
Not Later,
Without Being a Hater,
Like a Lover-
Or Something Along Those Angles...

The Overcoat's Reckless,
The Jeans Are Restless,
The Dingoes Are Jumpy-
My Wardrobe's Gone Bonkers,
Outside The Car Honks,
Old Year Anxieties Now Impatient-
To Usher In The New,
i'm Just Staying Put-
Do a Jam,
Eat a Lotus,
Drink Whiskey,
Write Sanitized Greetings,
Call Me Son,
Wish Upon a Star-
And Beloved Ones,
Still Here And Those-
Dearly Departed.

i Wanted To Party;
They Told Me The Entrance Rates-
Now i'm Organizizing My Own

Is Gonna Be-
One Broke Affair!

New Resolutions;
Old Repetitions-
You Have my Considerations.

This Is the Year!
For a New Ear-
And Other listening Devices...


Weeding Weeds,
And Making Love-
To Mr December,
Bidding My Adieus,
No Less Than Thirty One Times!
Now Jan,
Don't Complain-
Now Still Ain't Yer Prime,
When It Comes,
We Shall Dine.

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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