Monday, December 31, 2012


Dear Parents, Families And Friends,
i'm Shaken And Stirred,
Startled And Shocked.
This i Needed to Say,
Dare To Care,
So i Decided This i Must Share...

"We Just Gotta Remember;
You See We Tend To Forget-
That No Mother Births Murderers, Rapists Or Shooters,
And No Man Fathers' Such Children.
Inherent Goodness,
And Innocence,
Like The Book Says Is Like The Sky That's Everywhere,
i Understand You're Angry,
i Sympathize,
i Wish i Could Do More,
So Much More Than Writing This Li'l Snippet,
But Its My Way of Letting Ye Parents And Relatives,
Family And Friends Know,
That i Care,
And Tho' Chained in Silent Suffering,
The Feeling Is Loud And Clear-
Quietly Praying,
Hoping Hope Will Take Root And Swell,
Telling The Sun to Go Shine On You;
Asking The Moon to Enlighten You,
a Star To Fall Upon You,
And Again- Hoping You'll Look Up And Know We All Share The Same Skies...
And Everything Underneath,
And Around.
***May 2013 Bring Healing And a Herald a Time of Remembering, Forgiving And Living With Rainbows, Monsoons, And The Beautifully Beset Tragic Species Called The Human Being
I've Stopped Watching The News;
Or Reading Them in Papers-
Tragedies Require Grieving,
Time For Healing,
Not Bombardments,
Just the Way I'm Feeling

i Know,
its Tragic,
i Know,
its Sad.
But When If i Should Die In Such Scenes; i Wouldn't Want The Histrionics Nor The Am-massed Brasses And Plain Ol' Classes of Mister Beans.
its Time,
People Shut Up-
In Silence,
And Let Damning Circuses Be;
Withdraw In,
And See What Quiet Solitude Can Bring...
And Accept The Leftovers-

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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