Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy-Newt-Ear: Ol'YearConsolationsVsNewYearRepetitions

Weeding Weeds,
And Making Love-
To Mr December,
Bidding My Adieus,
No Less Than Thirty One Times!
Now Jan,
Don't Complain-
Now Still Ain't Yer Prime,
When It Comes,

We Shall Dine.

Comes to the 31st-
if You're Countin'...

The Fear to Shower Gives Way,
Cos Bathing;
You See;
Will Get ya Dirty Again...
For Its Gonna Be a Vulgar Night-
And i Just Wanna Rise Up Neat,
Minus The Hobo by My Side.
Awash This Year's Sins,
And Get The Grime Started Again-
On a Brand New Glimmering Plate....
With a Banner That Say,
Come Get-


OK Mr December Thirty-First;
This Day i'll Shower-
Since You Keep Tellin' Me Its Your Last Day as a Plumber,
i Hope You Ain't Playin' Me a Number.
i go,
And Die-
Neat And Clean.

Celebrating the Old,
Ushering In the New-
With My 999 Facebook Friends-
And Millions Making Festivities,
In a Rave Called the Ethernet...
'Appy-Newt-Ear Ye Etherians!

Playin' Games Death


Download Funny Pictures;
Upload Appropriately,
Write "Apply Newt Ear"
Pretend It Was Mistyped-

And Post The Shit,
Most Sincerely.

Midnight i Gotta Hug And Kiss Strangers Happily-
So i'm Making Sure i Wish Ye All...
Right Now,
What i'll Probably Forget 2Do When i'm Embraced By the Above-
So To get It Over With-

What Relief!!!

Tonite's Midnight Air Jams;         
Will Render My Cell Senseless,
And Voucher-Less,
As Greetings Fly For a Nite,
So Casting Aside The Mobile,
Telling Facebook i'm Statusting For The Last Time This Year-
Wishing You All,
All i Wanted To Say,
Just a JollyGoodSnaky Year!

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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