Saturday, December 29, 2012

St. Saturday

i Was Once Like Ye;
Here's Hopin' you Don't Grow Up To Be Like Me,
The Time of the Gypsies Long Gone,
And Nowadays-
They Even Lock Up Soulful Hobos

Sat Plan

Gotta Get Dressed Warmly;
Gotta Go To The Butcher's, Ask Him For Shattered Bones Well Battered,
Gotta Feed The Dogs of Vanity,
Walk Into Worldly Offices-
And Ease The Ice,
'Till We All Realize-
Laughter Is The Best Medicine,
And Taking It Easy The Bestest Side-Effects-
Now Lets Hohoho

i Like This Wintry Frozen Chilled Out Chills;
Keeps Me Occupied-
In One Place

Mr K of the Big D

i Slurp And Gulp in Various Poison;
Some of Them You Gotta Eat,
Others Just Smoke In-
And You Gotta Hear Your Healthy Mate's Turned Real Ill;
Mr Karma of the Dharma-
i'm Beginning to Doubt-
That You're a Sadistic Troubadour Playing Parody;
And Irony,
With Large Doses of Sarcasm.
i'm Laughing With Ya ;)

Sun Sets;
i Reset-
And Warn Today of the Mess i'm Gonna Make to Mr Friday;
And Saturday,
Well, Its Sunday Now. Even Jevovah Took a Break

The Banker Called;
Said i'd Not Paid My Dues,
"Didn't i?"
"No You Didn't"
"Well Remind Me"
:OK He Said-
Now We Battle Monday-!

The Genius in me just Disappeared;
Together With a Clever Line-
That i'd Just Remembered,
Now Forgotten!
Probably Floating With The Ether-
Now Bad Either

i Was Always Like This,
i Had No Choice,
i Was Born With The Proverbial Boon in My Voice,
And a Mind That Architects,
Blowing All Away-
Including The Song of the wind - Coming soon

Chord Struck Stringed Recitals;
a Hollow Guitar is The Soundtrack,
And Rambling Thoughts The Lyrics-
With Me as a Singer,
You Been Warned!

Gelling Greetings;
That Breaks Down Bars And Cells,
We Sat Across Each Other, Marveled at the Decor;
Then Asked "How Yu Doin'?"
"And You?"
You See... Communication Is Just a Way of Saying "i Acknowledge Thee"
Returning Back to Silence...
Till Another Greeting Beckons or Waves-
And Smiling :)

Really Filters Down To-
Your Ceaseless Ifs And Butts,
And The Infinite Possibilities Contained Herein-
The Perhapses And Maybees-
And Inevitable Why Not'ses...

One Year Will Disappear;
Another Will Reappear-
Calendars I'm Telling You Are Nothing But Numbers,
And Numbers Are But Figures,
Dictating a Time That Does Not Exist,
Just Cold Calculations-
Showcasing Our Cleverness,
And Utter Bitterness,
Smeared Over With Butter-
a Rancid Cosmetic Gutter Playing to the Lines of Shakespeare's "Now Is The Winter of Our Discontent"-
And Might i Add a Little Dissent?

With a Warm Reason,
i Now Surrender To This Scathing Cold Season,
But Just Between Us,
Do Tell Maestro Spring That i'd Be Glad No Matter What She Brings,
And All Yer Beautiful Blooms,
And Bloody Blossoms

No Matter How i Crash The Night Before;
The Morning After Roars a Laughter-
"Let's See What You Do Now You Bugger",
Then i Get Up,
Remember a Certain Lotus Eater,
Singing "i Surrender", As The Night Engulfed Him-
As This Late December Sun Warms Him,
Without Judgments But With a Beam-
With a Message Writ in Rays That Reads,
"And You Gotta Get Started"

A Guitar Accompanies;
The Songs I'm Trying To Sing-
With a Touch of Tenderness,
"Now Sing Your Poems"

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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