Monday, December 31, 2012


Whiskey Whistles;
Saying Come On Mang-
Take a Swig,
Or a Gulp-
Bottoms Up Or Down,
Long As It Is In,
And a Toke To Trump It Up.
When Maestros Meet
Sparks Don't Fly,
They Make Way For Kindles-
When Einstein Met Tagore...
And Like Minded Folks Bonded..
The Sundance Kid,
I Don’t Know About Butch, Perhaps He’s horsing Around,
But The Sundance Kid-
He Motorcycles.
Live This Glorious Day Like There's No Tomorrow;
And Tomorrow Will Gift Ya a Whole New Year-
So That You Can Do The Same Old Shit-
Not Later,
Without Being a Hater,
Like a Lover-
Or Something Along Those Angles...

The Overcoat's Reckless, 
The Jeans Are Restless,
The Dingoes Are Jumpy-
My Wardrobe's Gone Bonkers,
Outside The Car Honks,
Old Year Anxieties Now Impatient-
To Usher In The New,
i'm Just Staying Put-
Do a Jam,
Eat a Lotus,
Drink Whiskey,
Write Sanitized Greetings,
Call Me Son,
Wish Upon a Star-
And Beloved Ones,
Still Here And Those-
Dearly  Departed.


Someday i Probably Be a Grandpa-
And Love ya Even More.

Dear Sister,
This Is Like The Umpteenth Time-
i Looka Lika Your Unkel,
Or a Much Much Mouched Older Broeder-
I Always Feel Better!

La Familia;
Thank U For The Love And The Support-  
And Sorry About The Troubles,
after all,
You Know-
a Troubleador!

Sun-Basked Mornings,
Now Becomes Full Moon Bearings-
And Recalling The Past,
We reKindle The Present.


One Can Only Count & Wait Around So Much!
Here's To Impatience.


How It Unfolds,
To Get Wrapped Up Again,
As We All Disperse


Something's Inherently Wrong;  
When ya Pose With Putty,
Molded Into Clay,
of  Some Celeb-
in Mud,


Sentiments Abound-
With Reflexive Sorrys,
And Tragic Heroism-
Dearest Mipham-
Have a Grand One When 2012 Shuts,
And 2013 Begins,
We Shall Renew ;)


if Not Now;
Then When-
Shall i Cook My Hunger?

The Bloody Dalmatian Ate My Meatballs,
a Friend Sleeps Soundly in the Next Room,
The TV's Muted,
The Song's a Jazz,
This is What Happens-
When Ya Wake Up Sleepin'!


New Year's Greetings;
Perhaps It Knows What's in Store-
Same Ol' Chores,
With a Lotta Hope,
Fingers Crossed,
Toes Bent-
Seeing How the Mind Mends,
We're Such Foolish Things,
Why Not?


i Love Ye,
Know its Not So much How many Times Its Said-
Rather In How Many Ways its Displayed,
So Don't Ask me How Much i Love Ye,
Ask me instead Whether i'd Prefer Coffee or Tea-
And i'd Warmly Respond Accordingly...
After All,
Isn't Love Supposedly Cost And Interest Free?

Be+ or B-

Isn't Just The Best Policy,
Its The Only Policy-
Ask The Red-Faced Liars!
Disrobing Friars,
Marooned Monks,
And All The World's Telling Talismans-
Lungfulla Shout-Outs Billboarding
"i'm Tellin' ya The Truth!"
"i'm Not Lying!"
"Ask The Dog!"
"The Horse"
"or The Bloody Cat"
"Or Was It a Vegetarian Bat?"


Better Than Breaking a Jaw,
Go Shake a Leg,
Break a Rule,
Bend a Law,
Twist a Turn,
Shit On a Lawn,
i Mean Go Do Something Amiss-
And Call me When Yer Done,
And Feeling Alive!
i Won't Bail Ya,
But i Sure Will Visit Ya,
i'm Telling Ya-
Being Like This In The Can Is a Blessed Time,
Esp. When i Bring Ya Shantaram,
And a Big Grin :D On Me Face Carrying a Tiffin!


Dawn's Breaking;
i'm Passing-
Just in Case,
Good Morning!
And a Jolly-Good Hang-Over!

We Talked Shop Saying Its Saturday.
Now Comes The Cold Morning Sunday Seven AM Blues;
The Long Night's Conversation Glaringly Ends-
How It Unfolds,
To Get Wrapped Up Again,
As We All Disperse.


The Bloody Economy-
Is Behaving Like Me


Part of Me Wants to Partay;
The Other Wants to Just Stay Baby Stay-
When The Parts Make Up Their Minds,
i'll Let Ya Know...
Text or SMS-
Breaking This Incommunicado.


What's Gone,;
Cannot Be Un-Gone-
Long As It AIn't Forgotten,
And is Worth Remembering...


a Conscientious Lion;
a Greenhorn After His First Kill,
Tells The Pride-
"Hey, This Zebra Just Winked as i Bit His Arse... Is That Normal?"

Yu See;
Ol' Mac Donald Once Had a Farm-
When He Was Still Virile And Young.
Now That The Cows Have Stopped Coming Home-
So Has Mac,
And Donald,
And Jurmi Chhowing Too.
i Love Hunter;
That He Lived Till 65,
Said "Wait a Moment! i've Had a Bonus of 15 When i Reckoned i'd Popped it at 45-
And Bid His Goodbyes,
How He Now Lives!


Bob Sings;
Tells Stories-
About You And Me;
Minus The Slightest Fuss

How Does It Feel?
Cos It Ain't Me Babe-
Knockin' On Yer Over-Locked Doors.

Summer Sears;
Monsoon Drops-
Right Into My Writing Writs And Other Advertised Rites.


Dear Maestros;
Tho' Your Internal-Manifested Philosophies Have Made Me Knowledgeable,
Know They Been Terrible,
Bringing Confusion-
Where Once Rested Innocence;
Or Was That Designed-
And Now Ye All Sit Having a Laugh-
And Another Bowel of Thesis-es?


For Tonite' i Become a Foster;
Look For Prospective Parents Like Brangelina-
And Get Rid of This Orphanage
This Man Is Corrupt;
Like a Hidden Trojan Horse-
All He Wants is Beer;
And They Shoot Him In The Rear.


Dear Keith;
You're Really Richard The String-Hearted-
The Kind That Maketh Music,
From Brown Sugar,
To Wild Horses... A JollyGoodYear Ye Ol' Rollin' Stoner!
Ps: Thanks For Writing And Sharing Your Life in "LIFE"-
Needless to Say;
It Was Great In Each And In Your Own Unique Inevitable Way :)


Eyes Convey;
What The Heart Cannot Display,
From Love To a Dope,
And Everything-
That Wants To Stay Secret And Hidden.


Dogs Bark,
Frogs Croak,
Cows Moo,
Cats Meow. You Get The Drift?
Painter's Paint,
Sculptor's Sculpt,
Singers Sing,
Birds Chirp,
Businessmen Business,
Drinker's Drink,
Smoker's Smoke,
Writer's Write,
And So On...
And So Forth.
Now Comes The Epitaph:
" a Man a Human a Being a Fella a Nice Guy Once Born of Scent-full Innocence Now Beset By the Man Who Was Once Just Also Everything You Were When Of a Womb Now Resteth in a Woeful Ol' Tomb Nobody's Cared Lying Rotten Bequeath With Dead Flowers Whence Once Stood Fresh Dandelions Now Corrupted By the Journey Taken in-Between the Two Inevitable Final Karmas And Bardos"


if Only i Could,
i'd Go Back in Time,
And Try Loving Ye More-
Now See The Possibilities Therein!
There is Such a Method-
its Called The Now And the Herein!
Look at yer Watch,
Or yer Clock-
See in-Between The Needles,
And Tell yer Pals-
"There's Enough Time,
Its Now-a-Clock"


a Day Left To Pay The Rent;
And Day After Start All Over Again-
i Swear,
i Could Strangle These Numericals,
And Their Zero-Tolerances,
By Shooting Landlords.

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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