Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Attica! Attica!

ownerless beer

i remember you in the attic
we were anything but static
the spaciousness of the room made you smile
you thought i'd just moved in
not aware of the fact that i've always shied away from furniture
and other household paraphernalia
when the mind's this cluttered
i'd told myself why recreate belongings when the ones in my head are not my own?
you laughed
i smiled
because i remember when you told me you'd move in
we drove to your temporal yurt
and i had to grin
when i saw your belongings-
tattered clothes and a bagful of sentimental memorabilia
"is that it?' i asked
"yup" you answered
we'd found that we belonged
in spacious cozy little huts or pigeoned-attics
minus the tangible statistics
with happily added emotional elastics
we said we belong wherever there be attics
or cozy little mobile yurts
or just plain old huts

The Conch is the Ocean:- From KhaoSan2KohTao

Neon-Lit Daze,
Straight-Haired Tourists Acquiring Impulsive Plaits,
Locals Hustling Twisted-Corns,
Drinking Chang Listening to Purple Haze,
Making Buddies Over Queries,
Exchanging Personal Maps,
Striking a Deal,
Getting On a Bus,
Boarding a Ferry,
Going to Bed Dry, Sweaty & Dehydrated,
Passing Out to the Sound of Splashing Waves & Distorted-Beached-Raves,
Waking Up to a Turquoise Green Sight,
Diving Straight into the Still Ocean,
i Can Still Taste the Salty Gulf of Thailand,
It Roars & Calls,
Sends Ripples Saying-
Come Back Play With the Sand.
Come Back Play With the Pebbles, the Discarded Shells, and the Floating Coconuts"-
I'm Already There; a Stick in Hand Making Strokes; Trying my Calligraphy On that Sentimental Shore

To Have Nothing & Own Everything 

English: Yurt with the Gurvansaikhan Mountains...

This Homeless Hobo,
He Owns The World,
Yet Prefers a Cave,
He Could Fill in Vast Stadiums,
Yet Prefers to Sing in the Forest,
This Hobo He Could Ride the Clouds and Soar With the Skies,
Yet He Prefers the Earthy Ground,
He Could Build a Historical Legacy,
Yet Prefers His Own Private Intimacy.
Everything He Owns is Not His Own,

And All Manner of Things Not His Own Come to Him to Be Owned.
Yer He Prefers to be Ownerless,
This Is How The Homeless Hobo Rules the World,
Laughing at the Drama Unfolding in Mansions and Palaces,
He Sings Songs of Comical Notes,
Dances Away the Ambiguous Ironies of Life,
Telling the Occasional Lost Tourist Who's Asking "Where am i?"
The Hobo Laughs So Hard the Cave Throws Back His Words,
Echoing the Words-
"You're Here!

Granted For Yer Blessed:-

if you're reading this,
be thankful you can see.
if you're now deciphering the above,
be grateful you can dissect and analyze.
if you're critiquing it,
be happy for you're an intellectual.
if you're discussing it,
rejoice for you can philosophize.
if your knowledge exceeds mine,
wink for you're smart.
if you've already figured it out,
offer and buy anyone sitting or standing next to you a beverage of their choice,
for you're generous.
if it sounds stupid,
indulge me for you are wise.
and smile,
be kind,
for you're a good fella already blessed,
with more than what many bargain for.
you don't have to like this post,
but don't hate it either,
that will get neither of us anywhere,
you see, somewhere a soul is laboring day and night to possess the above,
such be the ignorance of life,
and the sense of granted-grandness with which we look at everything we have.
i thank my fingers, for they can type.
i thank this moment, for it gives me life-



Day 449: Earthy

Riding Anxious Horses
He'd Forgotten What He'd Written
a Moment Ago
Letting That Go Suddenly Made Him Relax
Becoming Buddies at Rest

[Riding the Horses of Anxiety,
Battling Restlessness-
Not By Being Patient,
But By Just Being a Nonjudgmental Present.
Now Horses Graze As Ye Make Friends With Stillness-
Discovering Unexpectedly That Cacophonous Sounds Can Become Musical Too;
And Calmly Silent.

Or Silently Calm,
Transforming Anxiousness Into Refreshments]

Rapture Capture:-

Like the saying a picture tells so many stories
arouses so many emotions

hopefully making you a better man
by just looking

what another has captured using the tools of the trade
more pertinently
the feel
the eyes
and a heartfelt relation that clicks
other beings who are no different from you
doing it indifferently
and that zooming take called humanity
and yet again with what they cannot teach you-

Purple Haze


Carnivorous Cocktails,
Vegetarian Hyenas-
Aromatic Crap,

Idle Conversations Seemingly Serious,
Intelligentsia Discussed,
Desserts Spread,
The Chef Smokes in His Private Cabin,
Waiting Waiters Await Further Commands,
Signs of Refills,
Casual Refusals,
Outside the Chauffeurs Gossip,
Talk Shop,
Or Life,
Planted If's and But's,
The Merriment Over,
Kiss a Cheek, the One Above;
And Later Under the Cover of Darkness,
Saying What Ya Mean,
Meaning What Ya Say,
Carnivorous Cocktails,
Vegetarian Hyenas,

Aromatic Crap
The Cheeks Below


Interrupted His State,
Rendering Him-
Giving Him Pause,
Making Him Re-investigate Clauses,
In Cause & Effect,
And The Causality of Karmic Cases,
Discovering There Was None & None Was Needed.
Learning to See With the Heart,
Feel With the Eye,
Discovering Sudden Surprise.
Now Sighing Of-
Pleasantly Yours,
Happily Inadequate ;)

He Signs


Forgetting When i'd Had the Last Cigarette,
Or the Last Cup of Coffee,
Reordering Them,
All Over-
And Remembering its in the Go-Down,
The Storage in the Head,
Or is it the Heart?
The Mind-
Never Mind!


"Here She Comes. She's Dusky, Coldly Distant. She's Windy, Chilly & Foggy. Now He Enters, He's Misty, Says "She Gives Me The Shivers." She Shrugs As He Quivers. They Sit in Silence; The Weather Shudders, Says "Birds of a Feather?" When a Homing Pigeon Arrives Exhausted, Bidding Breathless Farewell to Fellow Carriers- Almost Screaming "Take Care & Flock Together"
Tells The She & The He: "Under The Weather?"


Ambiguous Dreams, Awakening Questions, Mobile Calls, And My Son's Voice Mails Me Joy-Says "HeyJurmi I'm Hanging Out With Reindeers!"

Such Electricity Does Light Up the World,
No Matter How Small-
It Illuminates the Soul,
No Matter How Brief,
No Matter How Brief,
There Comes Relief-
Replacing Your Grief,
No Matter How Brief or Fleeting-
i Hung Out With Mipham,
And in Added Chorus Screamed: "Ama-We'reHangingOutWithReindeers!"

Homeless man in Tokyo


Bedroom Stories,
Morning Guilt-
Blood-Soaked Aftermath.

[She Flew.

i Got Grounded...]

[          And-Two-Years-On       ]                           

After the Aftermath,

We Went Hiding,
She Went West Where the Peyote Flower,
i Stayed Back Where the Himalayas Tower,
For More Than aWhile We Stayed Put,
Hanging onto Some Vain Hope,
Wrote Short Messages,
Scribbled Notes,
Exchanged Occasional Skypes,
The Honey Dripped,
Seared By the Sun,
And the Bees Migrated,
To Better Climes Rebuilding the Ideal Hive,
The Pigeons Left the Nest,
i Slept Alone,
Ate With Loneliness,
Hung Out With misery,
Drove Frequently,
Wrote Sparingly,
Lived Mechanically,
And Then She Said  "Let's Forget It"-
i Said "Absolutely"
And Thought of the Aftermath,
Dealt With the Aftermath,
Failed Miserably,
Died Instantaneously,
Found Myself Waking Up Alive,
With a Life and a Voice Inside,
That Cried in Unison,
What a Beautiful Aftermath!
What a Beautiful Aftermath!
[The. End. Is. The. Beginning. Of. Yet. Another. Story.]

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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