Friday, January 11, 2013

Blank Postcards

The Room was Quiet
Almost a Dead Museum
Or a Forlorn Library
His Son's Photographs Displayed on His Wall Brought Back Picturesque Memories
From a Diapered Toddler to a Sensible Boy
He'd Often Say: "You're My Best Toy"
Now He'd Barely Look at Them
Not Because He wasn't Bothered
But Because He Cared
And the Hard Reality of Not Being There 
Yet Those Framed Images Hung Everywhere
Reminders of the Wrongs He'd Done that He Couldn't Repair
Just like those Newspaper Clippings
of Subjects related to His Despair
He'd tried to Mend
Mary Easty

Telling Himself 'Avoid the Bend'
But Just like the Crooked Life Lines on His Weathered Palm 
The Kingdom was Stretched Thin with Highways of Twisted Hair Pins 
Sometimes the Pain itself is the Healing Balm
He'd remind himself, Saying "i'll do no harm"
As He Lay in a Cold Bed thinking "i'm going Blank and Blind"
Unwind, He'd then say
Rewind, the Mind'd Add 
Live, the Moment'd cry
"Right now There are Weeping Sorrows and Crying Sufferings", the Back of His Head'd say
He Blacks Out and Passes
Comes to and Lingers
Finds his Musings Malignant
Stares hard at Nothing
Tries Thinking of Something Purposeful
Even the Two-week old Pups that Yelp next to his Bed are Suddenly quiet

The Yelp RV.

The Silence is Loud
Outside the Overcast Misty-Fog Condenses
The Sky tonight has a Canopy of Smoke
Some Stubborn Stars Alight
The Moon's Absconded, perhaps She's got a Date
As He Lies lost in Recalls
Reminiscent Randomness of Everything They'd ever Done together
And Forgotten Preparations

of Lack of Time
Compromising Circumstance
Everything They Could Have Done Together
Now Comes Banging the Doors of Misconception
Sweeping Clean the Floors of Deception
Mopping the Haughty Heights of Cowardice
Take a step.. Unwind & Relax

Breaking Ceilings of Expectation
Falling Crumbs
Floating Cobwebs
Collapsing Pride
Vanishing Egos
And Juvenile Justifications
Now the Pups Yelp for Help
Now it Begins to Take Shape
Forms Silhouettes
Telling Him He must Go and Be-Hold
Before the Son Becomes the Old Man and the Sea
And the Father's Long Dead and Gone but Still Not Free
"We must be
 We should be
All that We wanna and are Meant to be"
Saying Hence He Momentarily Breaks Free

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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