Monday, January 7, 2013

Blunt Razor Blues

John Lennon
Do Not Ask Me to Shave,
Or Get a Haircut,
Or Get a Shower,
A New Wardrobe,
A Swanky New Car,
Build a Cottage of Contagious Happiness Infecting the Family and the Neighborhood,
To Live a Life of Acceptable Angles Where the Latitudes and the Longitudes are Measured and Knitted in Perfect Harmony,
Or Sound-Tracked Applause,
Of Proud Claps of Symphony,
Because You See, It’s Not for Want of Trying,
Or For the Glorified Cause of Rebelling Without a Clue,
I Must Confess That:
I've Had Meaningful Times,
You See I Did Walk in that Shoe,
A Singular Mare,
With Care,
Wherein My Philosophy Was Rooted in the Word ‘Share’- And Reality Wasn't This Hard to Bear,
And I Read of Lives Led in Dare, Filled With Flair;
Flowing Fluidly,
That I Tried to Push Myself in Such Directions,
When at last I’d summoned the Will to Dare and Bare I Was Pretentiously Living Like a Lion in His Lair of Triumphs;
My Mug Holding That Twisted Sense of Misguided Hump.
And One Day It All Went Down the Dump,
When Academia Sued Me For That Acquired Librarian Knowledge,
Societal Secrets Went Public and I Became a Private,
Morals Gave Me Pathos,
Pathos Took Me Partying to Discos,
And a Shooting Star Painted the Skies Bright With Its Lightening Tails Illuminating a Calligraphy That Seem to Read “If the Question Is ‘What’s the Point?’ You Might As Well Rest and Roll a Joint”-
The Follicles Grew,
The Razor Left Abandoned,
Along With that Hallowed Blue Suede Shoes,
The Hair Hung Unhinged Give or Take a Bunch as a Token to the Existence of Gravity,
The Lines Multiplied and the Facial Follicle Had a Brand New Buddy Named Wrinkles;
Who Cringed,
Narrow the Look and the Feel,
Created Angles,
Chased Away Angels,
Toiled Away the Bills,
Left Old Vaunted Thrills,
Attended Cremated Bodies Burning Bright Their Sudden Kills,
Read No More of the World’s Books,
Wrung and Squeezed Out the Old T-Shirt That Proclaimed to Attentive Eyes the Statements of Existences Below the Weighing Head and the Tired Bosom of Expression the Lives and Times of Who Once Were Yin and Yang Twins the Figurines and Profiles of Veterans and Maestros Such as:
My Kings,
Che Guevara
John Lennon
Amitabh Bachchan,
Robert DeNiro
Al Pacino,
Genghis Khan,
The Divine Madman,
Vincent Van Gogh,
Bruce Lee,
Lionel Messi,
And Others of Similar Ilk to His Bowl of Protection Called “Safe as Milk”- that Ambiguous Expression Mounted By “Can You See the Face of the Wind?”
I Can’t Decipher a Dead Beatle’s Words from Lucifer’s Fork Nor Was He Aware that Robin Williams Played a Young Dork or that ‘Babe’ Refers to an Inedible Pork Because Institutions Dictate Propriety hence Avoiding the Need to Call a Pork a Piglet or a Pig.
Now In the Fourth Decadent Swig of an Orchestrated Life He’d Memorized Some of His Own Living Conundrums into Inaudible Murmurs in Need of Blank Repetitions Housing Some of His Trinkets He’d Named ‘My Memorabilia’ Purely Because He Loved the Sound of that Treasure Box Containing;
Chalked Contents Slated to Flop With an Ensemble Worthy of Honorable Toys You Win Such As:
A Fruity Education,
Asterix and Obelix Starring Tintin,
Lethargic Wisdom,
Mundane Tenacity,
Rush Hours,
Sanitized Sentiments,
Evolving Ignorance,
Overrated Emotion,
 Apprehensive Solutions and the Like One Does Not Ever Figure Out But Live With In Compliance and Company With the World at Large Yet More Aptly Within Your-Self of Self-Less-Ness as Espoused by Teachers, Gurus, Masters, Shamans and the Rest of the Un-Expendables Until Another Day is Stretched Thin into the Dark Night of Cold Shivers and Casual Shrugs of the Kind that makes a Man Blind to Everything but Vision and-
Hindsight and Insight;
Here We Depart and Go Forwards Or Backwards Dependent Upon Things and Stuff I Cannot Disclose Presently as I Duel Dualities and the Such-Ness of Now-Ness.
Thus Bedecked and Gifted He Could Not Care and Could Afford to be Careless, Hence He Reminded Us of His Disdain in:
Not Bothering to Shave,
Comb the Hair,
Clean the Dirt,
Dress the Code,
Buy a Vanity Car,
Build a House,
Earn a Handsome Reputation and Other Blaring Open Symbols of Uniformed Excellence Which Drove Him to Drop the Box on all of the Above Swearing Very Solemnly to Go Back to Square One if the Need Ever Arose.
Listen ... Rape is a polictically volatile top...

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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