Monday, January 7, 2013

Do Not Send Me MisInvitations

blood drops on cloth

i Used to Love those Invitations Made of Vibe,
The Ones to Your Private Heart,
Leading to Yer Guarded Bed,
Where the Hard Armor Would Slide And Melt,
Where You'd Stand Raw And Naked,
Where You'd Ask No Questions,
Where i Held No Answers,
Where We Could Be Babies For a While,
Enjoying the Silent Hovering Warmth Under a Sheet Made of Trust,
Where Words Would Shy Away From Playing the Voyeur,
And Heartbeats Would Drum,
One Resonating the Other,
They Played Echoes if Ye Remember,
The Mental Play at Rest,
We'd Coil Like Amazon Anacondas,
Become One Twin,
Bodify the Twain,
And Let Spontaneity's Slumber Take Over,
Sleeping Without the "Five-W's" and the "Singular "H"-
The inevitable
And Now Its Come to This,
The Day You Awoke While i Lay Still Sleeping,
Wherein Ye Took Back an Accepted Invite,
Decided to Quest those Questions;
As in-
When Is He Gonna Wake Up?
Where is it Going?
Why am i Here?
What is this Stranger Doing in my Bed?
Who Is This Walrus?
How am i Gonna End this Sleeper?
That's When it Began to Fall Apart,
i Know,
i Saw the Poison Arrows Darting Back from Shards of Broken Glasses in Yer Eyes,
Because i Woke Up Alone,
Saw that You'd Dressed Up Ever More Tighter in that Iron Armor,
Had Yourself a Long Lance and a Threatening Sword,
The Blood Drops Dripping from the Unsheathed Blade,
Besides Ye Lay a Dying Amour,
If i Recall this is What He Said-
"Why Did Ya Invite Me if You Wanted to Dagger Me?"
"You See, i'm Dying Anyways"

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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