Thursday, January 10, 2013

El Contra & Dictore

Most Dangerous Roads

Gotta remember Simple Granted Things;
Like Which Hand is the Left Hand
And Which One is the Right Hand
When Optical Illusions Are at Work
Chopsticks can Look like Spoons
Spoons Appear as Pitchforks
Fingers become Tentacles
Days become Nocturnal
Eating Breakfast at Midnight
Where Tomatoes and Patats Become Twins
As in Al DeNiro and Robert Pacino
In a Documentary called the Mafioso
Wearing Dungarees
Packing Luparas
Chewing Domma
Suddenly Swinging Bats 
Pitching Cricket Balls
In a Stadia Called the Chung Lee Me Thunk
to Roars of "Referee Out! Referee Out!"
Instinctively Dodging Zinging Arrows
Wondering where they Shot from
Remembering the Bhutanese Guide who Described the Artificial Pitch as Expensive and Historical with a Battle that Waged the Kingdom of Young Bhutan 
Connecting Dots  

Seeing Hung Swords
Men Wearing Kilts
Women's Haircuts Reminding You of Bruce Lee
Orphaned Dogs in Vicious Packs
Barking at yer Problems when you're Trying to Sleep with yer Fancy-Fully Useless Peace of Ear-Plugs
Sewing Loose Buttons with Digital Needles
Making yer New Wallpaper on yer overrated cell-crapper of a Dog named Doodles
No Doubt so Named to Rhyme with its Designer-Bred Breed ye call Boodles
i'm Wearing an Overcoat over Layers of Dejected Turtle-Necked Sweaters and Pullovers Made in Bangladesh by Weathered Hands of Wrinkling Fortunes
While you Drive a Swanky SUV called The Fortuner
Talk on a Gadget Beyond a Reasonable Man's Budget
Yet Squabble Over Parking Tickets with Ticketeers in Shivers trying to Make Pennies Meet the Les Miserables who Watched Over yer Precious Cartoon Fortunes
Does it not Bother Ye that a Man Lives in a Mansion Advertised as a Self-Serving-Palace of Plenty with 247747 Bedrooms as ye Lie Sleeping on a Rug in a One-Room Shack begging the Question "How Many Beds Can a Man Possibly Sleep on at Any One Given Time?
The Answer is One.
Although There Really Be None.
You Took the Sugar
i Befriended Wild Honey Bees
Next to Rich Mango Trees
in a Remote Hamlet in Bhutan
Where Weeping Willow Trees Shade all Manner of Creatures
From cows and bulls to Their Herders
They Cut a Certain Bamboo
Shape it Long and Hollow
Carving Holes
Engraving something Artistic
Blowing Musical Notes
i Saw the Stick Become a Flute 
English: Fan Art Of Bruce Lee

Later Met a Crumbling Roadside Milestone in Need of Retirement and Pension
Eyes Squinted
i Made out the Faded Letters of Time and its Elemental Forces of Damages
There was three recognizable letters Finishing the Spelling of the Word in Recognition of the Valley as in FER but the Beginning of the Name had been Peeling off.
Made out an E... and yet Another E, Added that Up and i Got an Exciting EEFER.
i kid you not. i was thinking what you're thinking right now. Now i Practically had my Nose Kissing the Culvert... Faint lines of a Once-Prominent-Letter now Ravaged had a Feel. Had to have a Feel to its Once Was Proud and Profiled Letter that Began and Spelled the Name now so Important With What i Had.
It was Crossword.
The Minuscule Hairs of My Middle-Finger Acted as Feeler... Tentacles Really... and It Began to Follow the Contours of a Letter i Hoped would be What you're Probably Hoping For.
And Lo and Behold! A Herder Comes by... They Don't See my Kind here... Matter of Fact they Don't See Any Kind...
We Exchange Acknowledgements
And the Dialogue Happens:
"Where to?"
"Just Visiting"
"Where'd you Come from?"
"The Capital"
"And You?"
"Going to the Market"
"There's a Market?"
"Yup. Two Shops actually... a Bar Cum Restaurant Cum Grocery Cum Gas Station"
"How Far is it?"
"Just Around that Hill's Bend"

You Get to the Point You Really Wanna Get to Only After the Obvious Questions Have been Handled. Hence that bit taken Care of, i could Now venture forth and not seem Rude, which is how its construed if you get Straight to the Point and Bugger off.
"Say.. What's the Name of this Region?"
"But What's an EFFER? Isn't That What's Written on the Stonehenge Here?" i'm Worried.
a Big Grin Breaks on that Pastoral Face Followed by what Sounded like an Announcement.
"Ah! You Mean REEFER?"
"REEFER?" i Had to Be Sure...
"Yes... REEFER... its about an Hour Away that Way"
That Done, i'd Successfully Completed my First Crossword Puzzle. The Fact that i'd Done it On a Milestone Gave Me the Endorphins, although the R was his, i was High on the Mountain.
Pumped With a Sense of Completion and Discovery, i Carried On and Hoped the Next Milestone Would Say "BONG!
The Drive to Fields of Lotus wasn't that Far.
Did i Mention that REEFER in the local lingo stands for the Pork Chops who Chomp the Marijuana Gardens that Bedeck this Region's Lowlands? And Dangdung is Sound of Two Lightening Thunderbolts Mating? An Auspicious Sign and a Frequent Sight they Say for those Blessed with Bribed and Corrupted Karmas?
The Cattle Here is Rich.
They Do a Lot of Shit.
Such as Letting go of Hot Steamy Smokey Dung- the Perfect Fertilizer for yer Beloved Word.

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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