Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From The Ode- Reaffirming Humanity

Happy New Year!

Dear Jurmi

Who will you be in 2013? 

I know from personal experience how a changed mindset changes what and who I encounter in my daily life. Without inspiration, I am nowhere - no positive creative thoughts, no fulfilled, insightful life. I think we all need new stories to change our perspectives and discover new opportunities. 

Eighteen years ago we founded The Intelligent Optimist (formerly Odemagazine) to tell such stories because these stories inspire you to step out onto your destiny path. That is why on this first day of the year, I invite you to sign up and become a member. 

Over the years, our stories have changed many lives. Readers found new inspiration and discovered new ways to contribute to a better world. Some of them found treatments that saved their lives.

Ultimately, we all create our own realities. We all write our own story; we don't live someone else's. And yet the stories of others often do inspire us. When they provide just that flash of insight we needed to change. 

So who will you be in 2013? 
Do you dare follow your deepest dreams? 
Will you reach for the very best in yourself? 
Will you find the gem-you that you have been looking for? 

It is up to you. It always is. 

And here to support you is a guide full of stories of people who have stepped out onto their destiny paths. Let their stories inspire you! The Intelligent Optimist helps you to anchor your commitment to your own resolutions. It will anchor intelligent optimism as your way of life. Embrace it. Join us now! 

There is no better time than now. 
There is no other but you. 
Who will you be? 

Wishing you a most happy and truly fulfilled New Year!! 
English: Interior title of the magazine Amazin...
English: Interior title of the magazine Amazing Stories. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scan of illustrated short stories Just so stor...
Scan of illustrated short stories Just so stories (c1912) Garden City, NY : Garden City Pub. Co. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
With love and gratitude, 
Hélène de Puy 
The Intelligent Optimist

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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