Friday, January 25, 2013


Distant Desire


Lately I've not written anything
Not for want of words
But for want of thought
And other emotions
Realizing that sometimes you say the most
When you write nothing at all
Or sometimes you write the most
When you say nothing at all
Leaving blanks
Empty rooms
Hollows and burrows
Cracks and gaps
Voices wallowing from the deep
Asking to be kept
Begging you to keep
Lost orphans and monumental leaps
The void it weeps
Tears and cries
You can almost see the moist and frightened eyes
Of lives once bursting with life
Brief and bare
It now lives nowhere and everywhere
Desperately lingering in the air
Shackled and yoked
It struggles to live
Wants to live
Desires to live
And keeps dying for want of life
And in doing that
It keeps living for want of death
For both flourish in-between this and that
And that and this

Hey, I Didn't Know Film Came From Cows


Let’s talk photographs for awhile

Those figurines keep denting my spaces
They appear waif-like
Slithering here, sliding there
Aghast and tender
Sudden monstrosities
The images in my head move me more than the people I know
Though their framed pictures hang on the walls frozen and static in time
They are more alive on the walls than I’ll ever be in life
Saying “what happens when you’re suddenly aware of your cowardice?”
Knowing that mortality is the key to immortality
Knowing that life has been a dream interrupted in places by reality
Now even the thin veils that separate the two worlds begin to blur
There’s nowhere to hide
Not even if you were covered in a coat of fur
Playing a cameo in an unknown movie
You've been pictured
Licked and stamped in a postcard
Returned to sender
Back to square one
And recourse
To endless sources so that you might yet again parley
Preview and review the one right and greater view

Play a better purview

And perish

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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