Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jelling Status Quo


from the day a thought was born
keeps multiplying still
starring dreams that have died since
making occasional flashbacks
in songs and poems
to parallel emotions
and hearty swinging pendulums
ensnared by an accidental dream-catcher someone left hanging on the wall
sparked by momentary flames
and as the tempo slows and dies
so does the show
the dimming glow
and all its trappings
vanishing lights in the darkening tunnel
one-way traffic down the dead-end
dead-ends tailing silver linings
total seizures
of distorted apparitions
as well as that of soulful yearnings of the unblemished mind
now scarred and charred
injured and wounded
sickening deeper
refusing healers and shamans
broth and medicine
rejecting human company
societal symphony
and everything seeping from a being that was built fearfully
when every single shred and drop of humanity dried and flaked
he awoke once again
saw no dreams
sought no rainbows
somehow somewhere between a nightmare and an abrupt awakening
he found peace
enough bliss to re-engage in self-conversations
without seeking revelations
he hunted no more
he taunted no more
and just being
he stopped laboring anymore

Yer Pal

 Status Quo:-

don't tell me about yer natural kindness
i've seen yer po' generosity
nor of yer pure love
i've seen the bloody dove
and the stupid lookin' dead cupid
or the public service in yer private chambers of vanity
yer controlled sanity
topped with concerns for humanity
i'll admit you did me no harm
do pardon me these involuntary qualms
and tell me how ya eat and shit and sleep
and above all
yer adorable penchant for grinning and to grin
when all's done and then undone
after the barter
the murder
and the slaughter?
and ye said
kindness gave me up
love cursed me with another four-letter word
and i didn't invent cruelty
or this dog-eat-dog world
i’m just like you
trying to live in the one we have
as best as I can

now get the fvk out you self-righteous m-fvcker!

the status quo rendered
i left
for yet more questions
and yet more startling news and answers ahead 

One Way Sign 1977

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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