Saturday, January 12, 2013


STRETCH (two) (Explored)

Woke up to a late Saturday afternoon
Dragged myself out of bed
The dogs outside were yelping
You see, they hadn't been fed
A responsibility i'd shed
As the dreams kept me engaged
Lost in slumberous realms
But you can only sleep so much
And after the dreams are done
Must wake up
Must wake up
To a world hustling and bustling
Celebrating yet another New Year
Many in a succession of a single calendar
This is Bhutan
And the folks here are have many such new years
From the East
To the West
And nationalized ones
It bothers me none
'Cos there's on the horizon
The biggest one
Now i fool myself
'Cos i'll lie idle
Probably stay up late
Jotting down what's mental
Whether it be hard and rough or plain and gentle
And as dawn tries to crack open
Hit the mattresses
Go under
Battle the subconscious
Pass unconscious
Get up with sleepy eyes
Break the fast
Catch that fleeting consciousness
Look sober
Address the same old clothing
Spit out that chewed up clover numbing the pain from the dying molar
Start up my twenty-two-year old car
Drive to Karma's Coffee
Start all over
Start all over
Enforce a little vigor
Tolerate the rigor
Try a little laughter
Squeeze out a smile
Before the grave is dug
And you're gone forever


Footing Feel:-

Boredom keeps me Entertainingly Occupied
As Lethargy moves me About
Bankruptcy keeps me enriched
Loneliness provideth Stimulating Company
Being alone Becometh Meditative
When hopes are Battered
Dreams are Shattered
Expect Nothing
Do Everything
Seek Within
See Without
Stay Put

When yer Original Face resurfaces
And live with yer agonies
Do not apply make-ups
Or cosmetic surgeries
To yer Your unborn face
With all its Vulnerabilities
Its already perfect!

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