Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scented Silhouttes

Serene Buddha

The Pine Tree's Silhouettes Blows to the Mid-January Wind
The Selfish Profile of the Distant Mountains Stays Grim
The Gigantic Buddha on the Hill has gone
Perhaps He's Frequenting the Concrete Cubicles of Thimphu
Neighborhood Blocs
Doma-Stained Alleyways
The Stench of Piss in the Cracking Stairs
Rotten-Wet Odor Hangs in the Orphaned Air
Putrid Perpetual Moisture of Poison Waters the Stagnant Drains
Perennial Seepage Drains the Drought of Dryness Rendering it wicked and Wet
The Only Vegetation is One of Slime and Grime
Rejected Refuses of the Thundering Dragon Kingdom Gather and Commiserate
Quiet Brethren of the Worldly Outlaws are all present
The Meaning of Misfit is a Universal Regimen Bestowed upon the Untouchables
They are Everywhere
From the Realms of the Gods to Hellish Lots
From the Laps of Luxury to the Graphic Scent of Poverty
It’s Everywhere
Differing in Relatives Here and There
They are Everywhere
From Atop Protected Towers to Dejected Lairs in the Rear
I had Junkies and Druggies and Alcoholics in Mind but that's like having a Twenty-Twenty Vision and Seeing Blind
A Foresight of Hindless Kicks
Scrolling Commandments Summarized to Bind the Mind
Epics’ Paraphrased to Kill the Mime
Men Parroting the Same Line after Line
Maddening Masses Intoxicated by Fear Screaming “Hang the Heretic and His Kind”
There was no Dearth of Dying Deaths
Or the Bragging Births of Platitudes of Plenty
Ye Who Hid Well the Graveyards of Hypocrisy Prospered the Most
Yer Riches Humbled Diamonds in the Mine
The Gold did Gleam at yer Harkening
Yer Entourage of Gems and Jewels Glowed at yer Mercy
Such was yer Allure that the Bible Broke
The Koran Kowtowed
And all the World’s Scriptures were Punctured and Ruptured
And One Eve You Stirred from a Poppy Flower Sleep
Snorted yer Powdered Leaves of Coca
Smoked yer Cultivated Sativa
Drank yer Favorite Vines of Wine
Dined on yer Favorite Meat of Pet Peeves
With Fruits of Fables
Giraffe Silhouttee

And for Dessert had Orgies at the Dinner Table
Recalling Cain and Abel
Yin and Yang
Yab and Yum
The Alpha and the Omega
Like the Serpent swallowing its own Tail
You had Eaten Your Own Story
The Lore and the Lorry
Tale and Tailor
Boat and Sailor
The Hunting Game Now Come to an End
You Woke Up to the Truth of the Mired Mirth
Of Death, Old Age, Suffering and Rebirth
Walked Backwards to Retrace Forgotten Footsteps
Faint Traces of the Sages’ Graces
You Abandoned Cheering Races
Bathing in the Filth
Keeping Company with the Muck
Wearing a Pair of Threading Jeans
An Overcoat of Blackening Dirt
And Ageing Old Boots
You Walked the Backdoors
Down Haunted Alleyways
Dying Staircases
Meeting Form
Befriending Emptiness
Dating Nothing
Engaging Everything
Marrying Here, There and Everywhere
Divorcing the Same
Discovering Them Again
You Even Stopped Describing Them
Saying “What’s in a Name?”
Preferring Silhouettes

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