Tuesday, January 29, 2013


george carlin

George Carlin: Take-Offs and Put-Ons

the pressure of being somebody sags, skins and peels along with other diminishing childhood anxieties-
reckonin that being somebody is highly vain and egocentric i began killing that persona slowly but surely wearing rings, beads, jeans and boots, joining everybody holding hands together in search of being a part of some wholesome state of interconnectedness and other other-worldly pursuits, matters and rituals-
discovering the velvet bullshit that wraps every-wannabe punk turned junk turned monk robed in universal harmony, peace, love, veganism and compassionism i stumbled upon myself- a nobody and boy that that feel fcvking good.
to sum it up this is the story in three simple fcvking words:
ps: reversal of order also works
moral of the tale: fcvking who knows!
fcvking who cares!
and what the fcvk does it matter?
and if it did, well then fcvking good for you!

just poppin in to make that final involuntary (?) status of the walrus-
apparently he's so fcvkin bored with his latest harem he's makin 'em brush each other's Tuskers with those Walrus-Bristles.
and the alpha-fatso himself is gonna do the hurry-curry by diving in soon as he pops the first shark lurkin in the water- surviving which, he's said he's gonna play Walrussian-Roulette with a single-shot-shotgun.
this walrus is really fcvking bored

cowards brave honest lies sweatin cool
firin ice weakened guts emptyin verbosity lid-hid hypocrisy all can see
but no Fingerin Golden Goons-

jus'cos i stopped dreamin
don't mean i still aint sleepin
slumbering dreamless
via exhausted contemplations

cross that...let’s start
every time
im on the road
theres nothing ahead
but roads upon roads
and more roads
roading on

this fish walks
that pig flies
and an ass flew right over that mountain
as a snake caught rainbows
and a slouch showered
as weeds got high

done to Death with EnLightenment
he said Electricity held more clarity
with marked knobs of On and Off switches
the variety in Bulbs and Lamps
and the ever amusing Tube-Lights
Blinking you On and Off
Off and On
and if Fuses, Short-Circuits or Black-Outs Occurred
there was always Candle-Light
if not a Flash
a Torch
a Bonfire
Or even a Handy Illuminating Mobile
And on occasion
Pitch Dark Beautiful Blackness
or Soft-Delicious Moonlight

The hunt for original face accomplished
He skinned the flesh
And found himself vanquished with bones
When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?

He collected clay
And molding yet another prey
Resumed the hunt

missing fountain pens
days of chalky slates
ink smudges
and my favorite- naughty boy shoes! classic!
(someone make this a Rock n Roll song)

i prayed for him
and i prayed for her and her's to come-
thats a lotta prayer from a guy who seldom prays
heres hoping the prayers are heard

remembering those crossed-over, trying not to forget those still floating around- one day, we all cross over, that being the case, why go asunder and plunder when its already in our nature to blunder and wonder why we go asunder and plunder

tele .. fernsehen .. Téléviseurs .. television...

tonight the moon-lit Paro mountains go pale
the town below is drenched bathed in a goldfish glow
the skies are a clear shade of blues in hues
stars turn silver
on the other side
as i call it a midnight
and when you begin to call it one
i hope you see them clearer
and better

at home in heaven with the angels
lost in incomprehensible delights in a homely paradise
or feeling home again in the Pure Lands
down to a king's home in a palace
or a hobo's cardboard dwelling n a rough racket
down to hellish houses in hell
is a supposed sinner also heading back home
with a smile

bullshit batters
horseshit shatters
temporary matters
just as drama begets more drama
ad nauseam infinitum continuum
maintaining personal
and worldly status quos

Bulbs to the Right and Above

: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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