Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday-Rages Into Sages


It’s Sunday and the sun's long gone
Just like all the things you can now only clutch about and try to hold on
A fistful of flashes from the past
Like so much sand
Dry and soiled
Spilling loose against your squeezing vain
The muck sticks and the rest rolls and blurs
There's not much left stored in the bunkers
You've exhausted the reserves in the vaults
Said 'I’d like to add them to my rationed preserves
Still refusing to let go
Declaring how you were born odd and bold
Ready to chase the race for whatever resembled gold
And with a proven lock of insecurity had them imprisoned
Banished like the royals of old
Or those that wrote of your privy-dealings
Exposing your list of long short-comings
Now exiled to the edges
They became natural sages
While you resided in your gilded mansions
‘Guarded happiness’ you proudly stated
You thought you'd gotten rid of all the unpleasant tensions
Ugly physicality can be hid
Beneath peeling cosmetics
But not so cleverly that you cannot cheat a peek
Like opportunistic vultures one comes into life howling that interfering beak
The first causality is the milk
The desire matures into silk
You learn to divide, multiply and add on to the hoardings
Till decency is forgotten and you announce that in epic billboardings
A gigantic monster decorated with garish lights and triumphant jewels
The monster smiles in glitter amidst the litter
Satisfied egos watch the spectacle below egged on by a massage and an obliging masseur
Stainless varnished conceit toasts the deceit
Throngs of admirers crush each other in the rush to be closer to your allure
The applause drowns the multitudes
Raising placards to your virtues
Madness is placed on a pedestal
Insanity becomes a gift

Lost in the fog Explored #25 8th January 2013

Greed a blessing
Selfishness a song
You're now King of the World
The poor lot sings to your looted largess
Your empire of decadence spreads
A disease that attracts
The masses yearn for infection
And your twisted compassion is boundless
The universe bows
As astrologers kowtow
Aligning the celestial stars
Manipulating stubborn planets
Designing harmony
Until perfection is purchased
And one late Sunday eve
Awakening from your slumberous desires entangled with aversions
You find yourself trotting, walking and then running into solitude
As suddenly
Experiencing your first ailment
As a decaying tooth ruptures your chewing molars
No matter what the courtly doctors or the courtesans do
The pain persists
Resists all cure
It never heals
Your stature is foul
Former pleasures prick your conscience
News abound of mutiny on the bounty
There are gatecrashers aplenty
The locks have been broken or picked
There's mayhem on the streets
Led by the burdened executioner and his misfits
The bloodhounds have been unleashed
Cries of vengeance fill the air
There’s no safety in your cushioned lair
You cannot bear the thought of being seen bare and naked
The moment of truth is upon your standing hair
Every follicle is erect
Your faces melt
Your ego runs
Your heart breaks
And for the first time in your life you find yourself alone
And just as you accept the mishaps and find yourself curiously feeling light and at rest among the pest
Loneliness becomes your best friend
Haplessness your trusted general and aide
And vulnerability your only guide and escort
You surrender
Welcome your fate
Invite your destiny
Realizing what it means to be at peace
And for the first time in your life you begin to see
What it means to be truly sad, bitter and curiously free
The hair shorn
The ornaments gone
The regal robes torn
You don the simple mendicant’s rags
Following a man named Siddhartha
Never looking back
Nor ahead
Learning to breathe
Sit, eat, walk and talk
You marvel
As everything in the world and beyond becomes a miracle
How you then remember
Days of yonder without becoming cynical
Bodhisattva Siddhartha Gautama determines that...

Drawing tears
Offering blood
You’d come full circle without any oracle
Seeing no way as the way
No path as the path
No truth as the truth
No dharma as the dharma
No karma as the ultimate karma

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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