Thursday, January 10, 2013

Warm Winter Blues

Shivering yak.. Forever Winter

Spring Paints Welcoming Green Colors Sprouting Leaflets Scribbling 'I've Come'
Summer Brings Wild Bouquets of Sunflowers without Invitation
Monsoon Showers Cleansing Waters with Yer Taps-Off
Autumn Distributes Golden Leaves Imprinted With Winter Warnings Sent as Greetings
And Winter Still Won't Release the Snow-
It Sends Armies of Shivers, So Ye Can Learn to Warm Up
Cold-Blooded Atmospherics, so ye can appreciate The Sun’s Solar Statistics
Clears the Skies, So Ye Can See the Universe Does Not Revolve Around Us
Freely Provides Celestial Revelations
That Shoot And Shine
Glitter and Glimmer
Glow and Twinkle 

"Endless snow-clad Himalayan mountains, t...

It Sparkles the Great Himalayan Mountains So Ye Can Appreciate What's Already Here
Along With Nature
Displaying Its Miraculous Bounty
And Lest We Forget-
The Rest of the Seasons.
Now Should It Snow
It’s The Sugar-Icing on the Cold
Should It Not
We've Still Got Its Frozen Gold
But Don't Blame the Clime
Don't Bell the Alarming-Chime
Don't Blame the Cold
You'd Be Surprised, at The Unseen Processes It Holds and Molds
So Sing an Ode
"Its Winter and I'm Cold"
"Its Winter and That Makes Me Bold" 
Now Go Light a Fire
Burning Every Désiré
If Yer Still Doubtful
Ask Jack London 

English: Jack London

The Alaskan
Or the Polar Bear
The North-Polean
Or Mr Penguin
You'll See Him in Bow-Tied in Immaculate Tuxedos Walking Somewhat like Johnny Walker,
But After the Thaw
After the Raw-
During Polite Weathered Reviews 
And How Wonderful Beaches Can Be Previews
Now It’s Time to Say Adieu
Greet a Hot Mug of Caffeine
Smoking Nicotine
Watch Celestial Beings above Watching Us Below 
In Shrouds
In Overcasts
Shivering a Snacking Break-
Frozen In Time
Doing Impromptu Tap-Dances

***The (M)End.

James Bold vs the Fernsehturm


[The Alram Bells in Yer Velvet Bedroom
i Cannot Hear
Come Down Below
Let Us Share
The Burden & The Bear
Learn to Breathe
Inhale & Exhale
Nature's Fresh Air
To New Beginnings
Old Healings
And Better Momentary Dealings]

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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