Thursday, January 10, 2013

White Russian Discussion

"Hey Dude…  What's a White Russian?"
"It’s Complicated Man… y’don’t Wanna Know"
"Well Dude... Enlighten Me!"
"Are You Sure You Want Enlightenment? i Hear Its Far-Out"
"Just Wanna Know... But If Its Too Much Forgetaboutit"
"Alright Man... Don't Get Sentimental... But On the Condition This is the Last Time You Ask"
"Sure Thing"
"OK. Here Comes the Comet... You Ready for This? i Mean You Might get Disappointing or Over-Elated or Just Plain Pissed... Some things are Better Left Unknown y'know?"
"Come On Dude!"
"You See Its 1-Peg Unemployment, 2-Peg Dusted-Toke (preferably from Trashy-gangsters, 3-Peg Happiness, 4-Peg Frustration, Pour Some Loneliness, a Pinch of Kiss-Ass, a Punch of Nepotism, a Smack of Organic-Local-Powdered-Milk, a Slap of Vanity, Crumbs of Corrupted Ginger. This Is the Important Bit, Where the Magic Takes Place: Shove All Ingredients in a Voluminous Chinese Blender & Push Every Button on the Gadget Simultaneously. Whatever's Left Gets Poured Like a Waterfall in a Tall, Like Karim Abdul Jabbar Tall in a Thermal-Portable-Jug & You Got Yerself a White Russian! BTW- i call it a Beverage! And Don't Forget to Pop in the Cap Either- Esp. if You're the Mobile-Type Like Me. Ye' Got No Idea How Rough Folks Can Be When You're Carrying a Precious Portable Beverage Minus the Lid. So There!"
"Sweet Jesus! What happens if You Don't Have all the Requirements?"
"Then You Just Drink the Russian"
"And What's That?"
"And if i Don't Have the Russian?"
"You Do the White"
"What's That?"
"Liquefied Milk My Man... Comes in a Cartoon"
"But... Dude"
"It’s my roll man. i Gotta Roll ...  HEY! i forgot the most important part in the White Russian!"



  • 1 part Kahlua
  • 2 parts Vodka
  • Fill with Cream
  • 3 cubes Ice

Mixing Instructions

Add ice, vodka, and Kahlua. Fill to the top with cream. Transfer to a shaker then back into the glass for a good mix.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our sexy readers 

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