Saturday, January 26, 2013


Some Old Bullshit

know that a politician's smile gets bigger and better as the ballot beckons nearer and closer and know that the teeth in it also gets bigger and better resembling fangs should they get the power
and with fang-power comes thirst that cannot be quenched hence lookout for suckers and vote accordingly.
And change?
the feverish hunt for change
for the sake of change
makes you wanna question
what it is that you really wanna change?
more so when that change is focused outwards
as is the norm
rather than change within
which is the exception and the irony
in our relentless shouts for change
as long as it is for the sake of change for change
you'll never get that change
as opposed to getting yer own change
and if we're dying anyways
why go and kill
that which is dying anyways?

Forgiving Excerpts:-
Bullshit Detector Vol. 3

... and very gently she asked him if he felt the gravity
of secrets now unveiled from her recent anonymity
while he reels from the news
she waits in hopeful responses
meanwhile he sits trapped
between showing kindness or plunging farther into raging blindness
he chose the former
and for that he's better
for he now sees
the useless barometers that try and measure the intangibles
such as love
and really wishing happiness for someone else
against all your instinctual selfishness
and primal fears...
and other synonyms of the liar and his lies
the bullshit whisperer
horseshit yodeler
and other members of the shitting posse or the pissing tribe


which gets my goat
in a nice way
how comics always get at and tell ya the shitty person you really are
and you laugh about it
for its not unusual to feel peculiar and sing about it
or come across a croaking nightingale beset with the flu
a struggling vegetarian lion trying his first pair of melons
or such a thing as a quiet and benign TV channel
sandy thaws
honest hypocrisy
or peculiarly straight-laced politicians
its not unusual at all
penning it
inking it
padding it
typing it
scribbling it
and other involuntary excretions
we call living
for what its worth
we also call it life
are all varying degrees
of the same relatedness
and the resultant wretchedness

That's late januarys
Soul espressos
Barnstar Random Edits 2

Turning blue with the flu
Sniffing and coughing
A cigarette for company
And a masala chai to wash it all down
For aear perfect symphony
Or thereabouts
And for what its worth
Is a polite way of sayin'
It wasn't worth it at all
Once more
For what its worth
It wasn't worth it at all
although the remembrance is
the worth isn't
worth it at all

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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