Friday, February 8, 2013

Be Buoyant Boy of Brave:-

  no more roves from  hungry ghosts
  benign spirits
  and those lost in the neither  ether
  even they be gone
  seeking better welcome
  here be the deserters
  not run from better peers
  but badder seers
  none awaken
  sleep snores next door
  the quiet city sits
  houselights dimmed
  streetlamps bulbs glowing oranges
  no dusk here
  neither no dawn
thoughts chatter-less
windpipe swallows a glimpse of a waif
whence did i grow the man asks no one
just a moon back i fished with freedom
hooked a single line of joy
i was a boy
jumping down elephant rock's trunk
my cool pool splashes
a pond mine to keep
and share with mates
catch crabs
small fry
simple frying matter in a tiny black broken pan
palettes served
we slum-dogged
sold wasted wares
i thought growing up was for other kids
as was the adult life
senseless matters of pursuits in my garden of the world
where tangerines swelled in the late autumn

mangoes too
with bananas and other fruit
jackals sang as sun dimmed and went over somewhere beyond vales
then the woods would sing along
an older girl she rounded us in the open grass
starlit skies above
shifting fire-flames beyond
she told stories
of beautiful female ghosts dressed in soft white-light sarees
and hollow backs of treachery as she seduced men
they fell to entrapment
mostly they got away
i wondered why she was that way
or why screams of pain carried out the windows of men's dwellings
as morning rose
i rabbited outdoors
doing the day's date with yet more surprises
i never had much money
we thought that was for buying something you needed once a while
but money's worth was none of itself
there were stones, rocks and boulders
fish in the river
crabs in the stream
birds in the forests
fruit on the trees
potatoes beneath
we fashioned toys from the world
leaf a whistle
bamboo a flute
shear a blow-dart

seeds to shoot
and a hearty laugh after
outnumbering occasional cries
few were the tears
ample fun
only the dire handful of fears
happy balances
from a childhood cheque

                                                                                                          now i pry
and pray
the same fortune behold
the boy in my inner soul
may he discover
without knowledge
everyday magic
daily miracles
of the world you call home
through and through
by that unsullied boy in you

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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