Thursday, February 7, 2013


Lyrical Time Wastr - Stairway to Heaven

A worded head recalls
As it drums in sync with a leaking heart the clarity of blurry revisions with pictures of a swaying gray ocean waving and rollicking memorial boats
On the surface gradually submerging and sinking deeper and deeper in an existential abyss
Of whatever’s left of life that is still buoyant and bouncing about to resurface to make that pivotal change and derive meaning-
From singing streams to broken brooks and dead-end alleyways
To sacred mountains and volcanic eruptions
The tree of rot and the root of vines
The toes ask in consternation if fingers were preferred?
Whether skies were senseless?
Delusion comes dressed as allusions and illusions as epics are inked and penned recalling lost glories and condemned gores

inspecting the pages of men left behind in caves and scrolls and blood and bones
Yin and yang are crucified. The alpha and the omega are constipated and constrict and yab and yum are raped

The human races to slave himself in inceptions, conceptions and procreation numbering ridiculous arithmetic multiplying farther and farther in simultaneous divisions that are meaningfully justified to other slaves of the human avatar, wherein crops up one singularly harvested toast of the times- the quest for change.
Yet answers have not changed, questions have.

yin yang

The questions change with the times and times may have changed, but the world has not. And even if the world has changed, we have not.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow,
The past, present and the future all come sauntering for a reason to be worthy as does the ubiquitous need for meaning hankering for remembrance.
The stone ruins echo hollow mudslinging.
The pyramids are a tomb.
The great wall is a brick.
History is a murderer. Biology becomes a fuck. Chemistry is a bomb. Physics an apple. Geography’s an imprisonment. Economics is greed. Sociology a war. Mathematics coldblooded and religion becomes a war
Man is politics. Blood drains and drips
Wringed empty skin sags and tears
Bones dust
Life deadens and death smiles
Change challenges change
Meaning destroys meaning
Heaven smirks and hell grimaces. The nether world laughs
questions may change
answers do not
as lyrics might change
songs do not
as people change
the world does not

Cuba Art

The midnight chatter gives way to a twilight loop
Dead memories float in a rotting forgotten soup

And life goes on with a slurp
If indeed it go on
Or plain nowhere and somewhere
Folks like to dub everywhere
And back here
That blessed black curse
Dressed as a puritan-white nurse
This blessed curse
Is neither yours nor her's
Or their's or our's
This collective curse

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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