Thursday, February 7, 2013

Freight Train Comin

Freight Train @ Podu Iloaie

Tired of being exhausted he said he was spent and off he went
As if on cue the pigeons nestling in the ledge began to coo
Dawn was beginning to pass the darkness away
Transitional lightening capturing momentary frames
Where she went and left me the sun, moon and the stars
He wanted none and now they shine above the dark
Saying there is nothing to own in life and in the world
Nothing to disown as yer own
Save things that are owner-less
That ye cannot own
But nevertheless share them
For ye do not owe them
And now share them
Because ye do not owe them
And de-worming acquired knowledge
He shat-out education
Refused indoctrination
Gaining gumption
Sensible stupidity
Moving morons
And informing idiocy-
Cover of "Notes to Myself"

Now he hangs with the lunatics
Saying when ya get to the crossroads
Look for the junction
And toss a coin
Failing which
Play dead
Count hippos
Go monopoly
Do Sudoku
Or register a political party
Even try a sonnet-
As in light and darkness
And darkness and light
Are always together in each other's absence
Where if seeing the woods for the trees or trees for the woods is confusing
Then just see them both
That when he really gets sick-
He is starting an awareness campaign 
and calling it The Sick Foundation
But after he saw the chop sticks-
The way they were handled
He knew what he'd long suspected-
Polski: Sudoku

“Those motherfuckers are dangerous!”
This is also where he scribbles notes to himself
“My scraps are not meant to offend you”
He again notes the Chinese make everything
That pretty soon they're gonna own everything-
And that'll be the end of anything that's not made in china
But alternatively
The real secret to success
Is the total absence of scruples-
And mastering the art of looking innocent-
At all times-
Even when you're alone
There's no secret-
There's no reason-
There's no meaning-
And every li'l bullshit they wanna enslave you with
Such as-
I don't care being a rich expression birthed by caring much and knowing nobody cares about yer caring scruples much less yer careless brethren
One day
You will say-
Remember that day?
You see
He loves all beings
Among them humans
Notes Left Behind

“Its people that keeps pissing me off
Esp. ones with political inclinations of self-
Not slumbering awakenings
Or awakening slumbers
Tho' life's be-riddled with riddles
Ignoring the shit is the key
Or flushing them down a dark hole
For he just wants a good party
Not equity, justice, brotherhood, change or prosperity or any of that abusive shit-
just a good old fashioned party
As gaps 'twixt haves and have-nots' bad logic
It’s bereft of rationality or reasoning
Do you seriously feel secure knowing the masses might become mobs?
He had been driven nuts by generalized sanity
Wrote that what kept him going on and on and on was his delusion
And the sound of one-hand slapping
Leonard’s sticking needles into wrong voodoo dolls
That do not look like anyone at all
Singing hence
note───█TAG = the note creation ───█ + the tag...

He went lyrical:
Live like a storm
Be like the ocean's calm
There are many middle paths within the middle path
Sitting like a bloody mountain
Moving like the damn wind
Crash on like a river
Gargle like a brook
Sift like a stream
Scream like a bitch
Holler like a dickhead
When it’s time to put on the brake
Gas on
Enjoy the flow
Go with the glow
And when ya get banked

Enjoy the shore and the beach
Always tell the truth... even when you lie

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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