Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shifting Status

fuck complexity

sometimes being hurt in love is the best thing that can happen.
if you're pondering revenge, vengeance, vendetta and the sort-
obviously yer love was flawed
and should you reflect
find there's nothing good you can give or say at the moment
and you choose to remain quiet
for fear you might cause hurt
i'd say
you really did love
and made amends to avoid soiling a love you once shared
and cherished
and when a time of healing occurs
you'll say what's required
and appropriate
without any hurt
to yourself
or the person you once loved
because really
love transcends everything
esp. every petty little thing

mostly love's become a four-letter word
which is not too bad
as a good fuck's close to a spiritual union of togetherness
but when it transcends those four letters and that fuck
its probably transcendental bliss
and then the four-letters mean nothing
together with that fuck
at best they are li'l bonuses of amusement
at others
the end of things
and back to sq. one
and the hunt for another
spiraling on and on


solitude is good
as is loneliness
being alone's probably the best
as it dawns upon you
that you're gonna have to live with yourself
without any choices
hence the importance of getting to know that person
and all yer fcvk-ups 
becoming buddies
when it hits you
dawns upon you
that everything is either overrated
or underrated
and the middle path is a pendulum
always swinging around
never still
or motionless
which is what life boils down to
and the final silence of death
awaiting everyone
the one certainty
that'll keep ya
and in real stillness
the point being-
there's no point
no tomorrows or the immediate future
no yesterdays or the recent past
today's history
just the continuum of what was set in motion
eons ago
millenias back
do not try and comprehend
its beyond all logic
the mind
the heart
the ego
and other manifestations of life itself
with nothing good
or bad about it all
nothing really
just keep playing with everything
pick yer pickings
that's about it
if there's such a thing

Fuck you cards.

wafer dreams
surreal faces
distant voices
waging causes lost in life 

sleepy struggles
awakening bothers
large yawns
familiar shit
usual business
right to bear arms
happiness and other bulls
as opposed to expelling cows
and the like
labeling samsara
often regretted and seldom understood
here are two truths
life is
death happens
what occurs in-between
in one word
open ended
as in the finality of
life and death

as much as the poor man dreams of gold and is bereft of his peace of sleep,
the rich man worries about their safety and loses peace of sleep- the answer is sleeping pills motherfuckers
or getting over that gold

at my age
this bloody wisdom tooth has no bizness growing and tearing my gums apart
now if it was the devils pitchfork
and maybe...

a dirt word
that comes out so fucking clean!

remember- a clean and good image is still an image

i find accusations of being a schizophrenic ass insulting-
i believe there's a whole motley crew residing in my head-
and in my being-
are a whole lotta other beings-
hell! i'm practically a population!

Fuck What Ya Heard

i get along with most of myself
its the parts related to others than i, me and myself wherein shelters ambushes
trying to kill me every fucking single time
and guess what?
i'm still fucking alive
and getting along grander than ever with most of my-selves

just discovered love's a touchy subject ;)
for today i'm unabashedly playing the Preacher Man ;)

pondering on death is good
it puts yer life in the proper perspective

its good to be inspired
as it is to aspire
but be careful
that you do not land up a parroting caricature

parroting a line isn't knowledge
just as re-quoting the masters' isn't wisdom
what you are
and what you aren't
that's the magic
and the miracle

i'm fucked up
is a grand way of kicking yer denials
and accepting what's obviously fucked up
now you can begin to clean up
and cleanse
but remember
this has got nothing to do
with cleanliness being next to godliness
in fact
as G Carlin pointed out impeccably
is between claustrophobia and cleavage

you can try convincing the world
but you gotta be convinced yourself
true beliefs belie external conviction
ax what's external
keep it internal
and you'll accomplish both
see but do look and watch
tune in but do listen
quote and re-quote but do reenact
and do
but learn to be
the way you are
and the way the world is

Tree Silhouettes

and on the 8th day
he told himself
the 9th is on its way

injustice and its bullies will always be around-
as should yer unfailing resistance

the planet's fine
as is the world
it the human species that's gone haywire

you might say i slumber like a pig. that's yer opinion.
i prefer to tag it sleeping meditation, not sleeping medication

being alone physically is something that cannot be over-emphasized in times of constant companions and exceeding gadgetry...
one must make time for i, me and myself every now and then

if mr death wasn't waiting around the corner launching that unexpected ambush at any give time, i reckon life wouldn't be quite the fun it is

Make Love Fuck War

i once gave my face a fevicol mask
let it dry
and peeled it off.
i've an idea how a snake feels when they shed their skins. try it- the metaphor is a literal rush!

i keep waking up and the miracle continues ;)

i know what's on the news:
People Killing People

i'm a poet
and life's a poem
or i'm a poem
and life's a poet
either way
its full of poems
and poetry
or its full of poetry
and poems

silenced by the quietness of the absence of brightness
he embraced the night
said farewell to daylight
woke up only to the darkness
and saw its light

raison d'etre: why you shouldn't feel lonely: sooner or later, we're all gonna die together, well, around the same time span and zone. that brightens me up! the motherfcvkers are still gonna be around and together!

always tell the bitter truth
and see people make weird faces

... and slowly but surely, they said he was losing what he never had to begin with

 i just murdered love and hope
dreams and expectations are next
then i'm killing god
and compassion

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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