Saturday, March 16, 2013

VAT Paid

La carretera (2008)


we feel ourselves
in our exchanges
knowing what's obvious
keeping the pain under a lid
reveling in the joy that surfaces
and resurfaces
every time we trade each other's eyes
peeping into each other's soul
knowing you are me
i am you
we are us
and that is fair and just
just and fair
thus and thus
knowing we are us...
in togetherness
and when apart
we are still us
and nothing else

Agony & Irony

No Kill:

And having killed The Buddha,
He still couldn't kill Himself-
In That Instant He Died...

Love Thing:

my love for you-is-
as shallow as the oceans,
as tiny as the mountains,
as soft as concrete,
as caring as a bulldozer,
as bright as a dim light,
as strong as a feather,
and as constantly changeable as the weather-
what's the matter? true love got yer tongue

No Knowing:

must be a magician, a shaman or just plain a miracle:
i keep dying every night-
and i am reborn every morn!

At last:

be your-self,
who-else can you be?
but your-self.

In Memoriam:-

ripped seam

forget good & bad,
black & white
for no matter what happens,
regardless of specifics;
remembrance is the theme of our lives-
and its eventual story,
irrespective of branded legacies,
the past is remembered in our presentness,
in life & in death-
whether by one and many is pointless,
sometimes it’s the single shooting star that stirs us up,
and a shooting star is a falling star,
not littered glitters,
nor bright sunny days in a moment of rainbows,
It’s in storied remembrance,
and remembered stories-
then & now,
now & then-
that we remember one and many,
many and one-
just the same,
all the same

DVD PlayerScreenSnapz006

Key Chaal Raa Hey Ho,
Toh Batay Kay Zaroorat Nahin
Chaal Raa Hey Ho,
Toh Batay Kay Zaroorat Nahin,
Rukh Gayea Jis Din,
Toh Poochey Gaa Koi Nahin,
Jaan Tey Hai Joe,
Dole Woh Peet Tey Nahin,
Chaal Tey Rahey Hai Baas-
Muur Karr Dekh Tey Nahin


i moved house,
not a home cos i don't like one;
i moved my worldly stuff,
left behind the mem'ries cos they just weighed too heavy,
you see-
sometimes you gotta stick to basics,
empty the mug-
brew yerself a fresh cuppa coffee.

So Far:

born a naked babe
chorus howls
seeking milk & mammary
they diaper ya
clothe ya
show ya the do's & don'ts
educate ya
make ya get a job ye don't love
with wedding bells
honeymoon nights
the pajama undone
the drama begun
another naked babe comes raw & howling
ye do what ya know best-
kill the imagination
as was yours-

True Lies:

i'd rather be an open book than a dusted encyclopedia,
a vulnerable sheep than a disguised wolf,
a poor man than a wealthy miser-
comfortable in the naked skin rather than the clothed flesh...
being yerself is not a duty-
it's yer nature itself;
in all its gory,
in all its glory,
with raw honesty holding the key,
no fear of the lock-
and whatever awaits ye inside...

In Conclusion:

Tired of tiredness,
Fed up of niceness-
Time for selfishness,..

Springing Blossom Sun Bathes Me in 3Directions,
Big Windows Captures Their Warmth-
It’s Time For Renewal,
And I'm Already Dreamin' of Summer!
This New Attic Attracts...

Midnight Greetings,
To Mine Enemies-
Who Keep Me Spiritual;
In Faces of Treachery ;)

Stuffed House

Just Stuffed:

i came back with a rugsack. as i move today to a smaller dwelling, i can't believe the shit i've collected for the four years since the rugsack! Georgie Carlin is goddamn right; life's just stuff!

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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