Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Walkin' Talkin' Sleepin' Jive

Walkin' Talkin' Sleepin' Jive

i sleep dreamless
wake up aimless
wander penniless
write thoughtless
drive reckless
live careless
do not shave
do laundry
or fuss about food
engage rumormills

be swayed by goods
from clothing
to shoes
nor does mansions tempt me
haunt me with envy
or with gold
the houses i see around me causes congestion
the car i drive will outlive my life
as will everything else that’s made in impermanence

the point being
your sleep isn’t you
neither is your desire yours
nor the dwellings upon which you reside
or your mode of transportation
the minerals we’ve dubbed precious
and all that is deemed worthwhile
akin to grasping air
clutching sand
cooking stones
drown in sorrow
in time you’ll dry up with experience
be broke

when fortune smiles spread the laughter
enjoy that beat up car
should it break down take a walk
let yer heart go broke
when it mends, seals and heals know it’s still breakable
if ye can’t crack a joke enjoy the ones being cracked
nourish the food you have
when starvation comes you’ll be refilled
applaud impermanence
it births changes
and nothing changes change like changes of the impermanent kind
for all that’s solid is really liquid
and vice-verse
remembering death is not the end
but the beginning of another bend
know the only solution is there is none
and no solution is yet another re-solution
give up yer dreams

for awakenings occur when one is awoken
slam them hopes
for he who hopes will be donning a mope trying to sweep whoever’s eloped
don’t look for love
it isn’t hiding anywhere
but beckons and waves at ya from everywhere
instead let it come to thee
 and know after love’s lovely pajamas unfolds the raw naked dramas
such be the world’s karma
but don’t get hung up on the karma
circumambulating tombs erected to collect dharma
give up karma
discard dharma
become empty
smell that aroma
even if it’s the aroma of a doma
judge nobody
you do not want constant adjustments
but having spoken hence
do all of the above
see where it leads
when being lead pause awhile and thank gravity
or yer own brevity
do what’s mundane minus the conventional offing
exit preconceptions
apply nothingness
be here
for wherever you go, there you are
and wherever you are is back to being here
and here is all there is
whether you be a beggar or a blue-blooded prince
one must breathe
and try to be
in the gaps of nowhere
no persuasions
plenty of repercussions

poverties of plenty
luxuries of poverty
wherein logic runs
knowledge shuts
wisdom directs
does not prevail
but directs
back to the here and the now
where time’s embarrassed
calendars go shy
along with all your excess baggage
the only luggage you carry
is in itself empty
of birth and death
begetting this question of astonished jest
“now what about life?”

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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