Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Monthly May Bees

More Than an Ego:

i like my ego
it keeps me from bloatin & floatin away;
just as i like my pride
reminds me to avoid exaggerated rides;
i like death
reminds me to live alive
just as i like impermanence
tells me to let go
i also dig attachments;
shows me the freedom of detachment
and the wisdom of ignorance;
telling me i know nothing
forgetting the buddha
the sangha
and the dharma
fashioning reminders of my blunders
and when hallucinations take over with delusions
there's a monkey prancing around-
gauging my reaction
making sure i don't remember-
the four-noble truths-
and the eightfold path;
you see
every single manifestation that meets the eye,
sounds the ear
speeches the tongue
actions the body
fills the mind-
are essentially telling you what you are
and what you are not!

Go Flow:

never quite know where you goin till you go
stay gone to see you still gotta go farther
even when you're not gone
sitting on yer ass
breathing itineraries
in and out
out and in
finding nothing in between
but gaps of gasps
expanding awareness

now go with the flow
for the flow goes with or without yer board
here and now
there and everywhere
where cities become villages
a skyscraper a hut
a hut a mat
a mat a spot
a spot an ass
an ass no more
now gone are the grosses
the crasses
the masses
along with butts & if's
the five Ws
the singular H
and every issueless issue
like dissolving tissue
this is what sitting on yer bottom does to yer top
yer topless head
dramatized heart
mind full of motions
until there are nothing but shadowy visitors
who come & go
take a peek
try a knock
snatch a glimpse
and just as shadows of the deep
disappear back to evaporations
letting you be
just the way you are-


i abhor violence
when thoroughly necessary
i engage
ready for consequences
emptying all excuses

Earthen Labor:

skinned earth
with a massage
some call it gardening
others find it enlightening
the weeds spoke
why always us?
we be plants as well
no different from flowers such as roses
or lilies of the valley
right i said
we are tweelings
my kinf looks at nature
as if it exists outside of the self-
never knowing in their screams of conservation
that we're nature as well
that skins & skims other naturals
this eco thing
this organic stuff
that biological bull
these environmental preachings!
the weed wept
then smiled a little
and blurted in extreme generosity:
"you like grass?"
it was my turn to grin stupid

Limited Time:

our calendar together is short
the goodbyes will hurt
i ignore time
live dime by dime
tho' its magical
all phenomena is temporal
right now it rains rainbows
laughter & songs
discovering exchanges


changing like seasons do
all i can and will do
is be here
live & be alive
if forms of fortitude come out of nothingness
one's gotta be grateful for everythingness
and laughing at tragedy
grinning at comedy
one smiles on
beyond samsara & nirvana
and every realm in the way
yonder & beyond
beyond bondage & adage
saying 'i do'
or 'adieu


brilliant moon
rains comforting beams
santiago shepherds
alchemy returns
beauty falls in graces
making beautiful losers
a catcher in the rye

i'll try
junkys done
tho' i'll burrough some!

if words fail to describe yer feelings use signage-
lot of noises will do too-
clicks are tolerated


if nothing works, try everything
failing which
have a notorious cup of coffee!


it was never the journey
nor destinations-
it was always about the driver!


Face Phases, Brace Paces in Doses- unTie Knotty Laces & Ageing Graces my Bristleless Toothbrushes... along with Tintless Stained Sunglasses

Looking For Your Nose:

god isn't in heaven
sipping nectar
watching benignly yer daily rote
now god isn't in hell either
or in examples of parables
god's in hell
if there's an actual hellhole
rescuing spirits gone astray
or something to that likeness
as metaphors
if that's yer thing
and god's in heaven
telling us:
do not be fixated on me-
my heaven
my hell
or my paradise
focus on yer godliness
and enjoy the ride
ye fools!


concrete blocks
a fragile flower wills, cracks & blooms through!
beyond petals
& flowers powers!

Heir & There:

tis ok
after ya pop it
kick the bucket
sling a noose
die a death
everyone hate u gonna like u
even strangers u never knew
matter of fact-
u r well liked once yer gone!


if yer love's made by shrinkage
sniff & snuff
hide & seek
see & saw
drill & draw
know the flaw

Touch & Go:

dull envelopes
nightly hallucinations
morning after disorientations
a lul
toilettic refuge
no aberrations
arisings arrive
form shines
day happens
cyclist cycles circular collaborations
paints yin
draws yang
canvases sky
from edges
to centers
of weird theater
absurd plays
rationale dyes
logical reincarnations
unfathomable bull
measurable horns
scientific pig
spiritual chicken
nice cow
good goat
sheepish hellos &-
fvcking french loafs!

Dad Me:

as ya grow older yer none but yer apa,
yer ama teaches ya by simply being yer mother;
just as yer achos watching yer back- literally & otherwisely-
and asheys & nomeths just make yer world that much more brighter-
which reminds me i gotta be bloody good son and a bro and obviously- an apa
and yet all of these are seeds one must nurture into a rooted plant that ain't cut- rather bearing fruits & giving shade as they all done for ya & that ye must do for those ye have given life; asking not how much can ye give but how do i give...
this is the alley-gully of the well-intentioned-dharmabum.
cheers & adios

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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