Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Astro Ants

Starry Palms:

I didn't give up on astrologers
They gave up on me
Said I had no money
Couldn't they tell?
From stars and satellites?
Cueing sun and shadows?
Moon and tide?
Orion and bears?
Caged parrots?
Crystal spheres?
And the absent lines of wealth on my palms?
Milky ways?
We parted
As I suspected
So I stated that I like my future where it is, in the future
They wouldn't listen
As self-professed seers of the planets
And more than one solar system
The planetary soothsayers struck
Tempting me with tiger-eyes
Good fortune
Long life
Happy life
Throwing in mandatory wives and kids
Both genders covered
No twins or quadruplets mentioned
Divorce, obviously
But renewed new-mates
And lots of cash
His whole face breakin’ into a creasy smile
They got the generals right
As we all do
But got the pawns wrong
As we all do
If that's the staircase
They're climbing up the wrong ladder
Howling at deaf celestials
Makin’ me think-
Astrologers should try astronomy
Alchemists chemistry
Magicians physics
Healers medicine
Superstition science
So long as the intent is the dough
It does possess a dramatic flow
Long as one plays the sheep
The other will play the wolf
In a final flourish take you to the house of slaughter
I know
I saw it in my Manchester City patch-marks
Arsenal tika-taka banners
Life’s collectible birthmarks
And other assorted tell-tell bends and curves
In the wrinkled soled thickening foot-soles of my feet
And bumpy broken roads in my spastic hands
And trembling palms
Forgetting big burdened head
Fading tattooed limbs
Peeling face
Thinning hair
And other manners of the rotting organic body
Methanol spirits
In elemental brains
Mental stains
And brainwashed minds
Blank stares
nonchalant whistles
airing forgotten tunes
playing plaintiff pied pipers
I like my future where it is; in the future
Just as I like my past where it is; in the past; now let's open the present
you said was a surprise gift

Smart Ass:

Idiotic wisecracks
Respectable patrons
Serious laugh-lines
And extensive lifelines
Time for lost clauses
Bipolar company
Living today
Laughing riotously
Causing mayhem
In unknown streets and looping alleys

Nothing Antsy:

A solitary ant keeps and gives me both company & entertainment
I wonder- does he know where he's goin'?
Does he know the location of his anthill?
Is he on a walk?
A sprint?
A journey perhaps?
Is he lonesome? Thirsty? Hungry?
What’s his thing?
Does he know it’s a cemented crack of a wall he's walkin' on?
Can he tell I’m around?
Is he pretending he don't see me?
Then I throw in a single grain of rice, he stops abruptly, looks momentarily gobsmacked, sort of sniffs, nibbles a moment and carries the damn thing like a piece of baggage and continues the journey-
is he saving that for dinner?
How long can he go on on that single grain of rice?
The ant's gone up
I regret not throwing in a bone of chicken
That would have stopped his journey for the day
Figuring out how to carry the manna from above-
Would have been nice to see if he had compadres
Antsy back-ups
Lonesome adventurers
Lost antennas
Separate antes
Doin' what rebels do-
Journeying clueless
Hitting dumps mostly
And on days like these
Gather a rice grain from heaven
I look
He's gone
Gutsy little bugger gets my respect
As do all ants
Not least for their scurrying company, and the impassioned entertainment 
(Ps: Atlas Prometheus?)

Dead Heroes:

I guess when yer heroes start dyin'
It's a matter of time
'Fore it hits ya
That one must take stock


Just because one lives up above don't mean one don't go down under
And vice versa
Like tits for tats

Day of Dissent:

Just exactly how many days in a year does Buddha come down?
Why don't he hang around?
I don't know about the world but some of my mates and I need him
An informal gathering if you will
Tea and biscuits
And a round of Q and As 
All done sitting on our asses
For last resorts
I’ll even follow him
Provided he allows it
In casual clothing
And he's OK being called 'sir'


Skies up
Buddha’s down
I’m on the intranet


FYI: Religious & spiritual folks
Cash in
It’s a Holy-day
Today’s good merits guaranteed to generate immense profit
No losses


The older ye get
The younger ye wanna look in yer photographs
So when ye post them
Nobody will know what ya really look like

Lonely Battles:

In quiet confinements
And still solitudes 
I go to war

Murdering Mordor:

I’ve a peacemaker
Its a drum of tobacco
In a pouch
One rolls it and smokes it
Blowin' dense rings in spacious vacuum
Wishing one had Gandalf for company
To banter about
And have him blow smoked ships
And peacemakers

                                           Dharma King:

This Is One of Those Respectful Moments 
Breathing in Good Fortune
Breathing Out Gratitude
And Thanking Whatever's Responsible 
For Incarnating Such a Being 
Forming Such a Bond
As To Keep One Quiet 
In Silent Relief
Joyous Alert 
Scared To Let Go-
Of Blessed Wishes Come Manifest 
In Yer Sacred Person
And Deep Actions 
Humble Beingness
Enriching Aura 
Transforming Environs 
And Majestic Mudras
Where One Submits Willingly 
In Spontaneous Thanks & Arising Love (^)

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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