Thursday, November 7, 2013

Daily Dirge

A Most Extra-Ordinary Day:

Once upon a day the dude gets up late
Momentarily panics
Draws one long and languid breath at this awakening bewilderment
Lights the nicotine
Reluctantly hits the bog
Sprints through the token rituals
Splashes his face with three palms of waters
Wears the outer fatigues; a pair of old jaded jeans, a faded threadbare shirt and dead boots from hell
For breakfast and lunch he brunches a Thali
Washes it down with a glass of bad, bad coffee
And for dinner suppers Khichiri
In-between meals keeping rudimentary notes
Reading extracts from One Hundred Years of Solitude and nuggets from Junky the Burroughs book
Rehydrated on Chai
Small talks with the local Bhai
By dusk he is high
Devouring orange sunsets
Flying with kites
Kissing the city
Making love to midnight maidens
Recalling daytime muse
And passing out quietly
As worldly dreams and dreamy worlds merge and emerge continuously
As day and night
Life and death
Love and hate
And heaven and hell become meaningless metaphors of deluded subjectivity
Tired of speculation
He surrenders all objections
And slumbers in scattered silence
If not in exhausted peace

Dead Skin:

Luxurious options
If one can shed them
And just keep the bare necessities

Out of Cue:

In the hurly burly
Learning to stay put
Is in itself an engaging phenomenon

Same Three Days:

There’s nothing new today
That wasn't there yesterday
That won't be there tomorrow

Pedalling On:

Bicycle byes
Tricycle pedals
Auto Rickshaw horns
New hybrid Tuk-Tuks
Pompous cars
Bull cart strides
Occasional Donkey dirges
Packaged mules
Packed ponies
Decorated horses
Pass by the Main Bazaar
I look forward to Elephants
And Camels
As stray dogs stray
Beggars beg
Causing moral panic
Ethical quandaries
Thankfully distracted
By singing vendors
Stored merchants
Kashimiri cashmere
Nepalese handicraft
Spiritual confetti
Material magic
Sensory pleasures
Escapades to elevated dimensions
From worldly trappings
Welcoming you to Main Bazaar

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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