Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dim Lights

Harkening Back:

The Good Ol' Days
Is a pantomime prelude to the seductive rupture of nostalgia
Melancholic Tantalus
Romantic fractures
Scripted scriptures
Anointed antonyms
From yesterday's theatrical legends
To tomorrow’s hopeful acts
And today's obligated applause
Redemptive redressals of desolate ditches
Chasing residual meanings
Vaulting vain purpose
And gunning bloated hidden hopes of approval
Of punctured realities
And secret shame
In the production of daily soap operas
And participation in its sugar coated serials

Wizening Fool:

Against foggy skies the orange sun peels
making feeble peeps to glow the dim
It leaves no looming shadows
Palpable chills have now drifted in from the north-western Himalayas
Forcing folks to pad up in light sweaters and textured jumpers
Bumper sticker T-shirts hide tucked within warmer garbs
The hot chai now provides doubled-warmth
And there is an added zest in my rolling tobacco
And its smoky aroma 
As I fiddle with my pen and pad
Waiting for a hopeful spark
- a hum
- a tune
- a song
There is nothing at play today
If not for the silence
It would be an off-key day


I’m in an Indian state of mind
Travelling in portals
Getting modernized
With its ancient touches
Receiving education
In paradoxical parades
Sensing rhetorical answers
To dubious queries
And curvaceous curbs
To linear sightings
Transfixed and spellbound
You keep mum
Bob yer head
To the magic and the mayhem in yer head
Listen to the drum
And cease being a conniving bum

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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