Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Ups & Downs of Hitch Hiking


The sun that warms you also scorches you
Wandering the tropical Indian plains, the Buddha slept under the same moon, sheltered and shaded by trees
As did an exhausted revolutionary Mao in open fields of makeshift tents, perhaps by the banks of an unknown little brook, where he took a satisfying dump 
And walking out of his yurt to take a hearty midnight piss, these stars probably infused some soft romance into the ferocious hides of Genghis Khan
And every tyrant whoever took life to live
And every saint who ever dealt death for life
As it did every poet who ever wrote
From the palace scribe down to the maligned whore
We do so under the amused gaze of the heavens
Plotting, pissing, farting and crapping the place
Calling out those celestial names


Since you don't know jack
and I don't know jill
let's call it even-steven
and clear the bill

Too Careful:

Be careless what you wish for-
caution killed the truth
Murdering life


This man flies
with his flock of pigeons
waving a cloth
feeding grains
and talking pidgin

The Other Shore:

The dead have crossed over
The living are dying
All that lives in-between are memories
petty recollections
niggling remembrances
somber souvenirs
hollow echoes
Pulling yesterdays
Pushing tomorrows
Forgetting today
Merely in pursuit of more memories
Recreating what's desirable
Abandoning what's repulsive
Enslaved in habitual patterns
Reanimating regurgitated reminiscences that must be killed

But go they must
In retaining flesh and bones
They must go back to the muddied earth
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Rust to rust

Always Embedded:

if you want yer dreams to come true- wake up
if you want yer dreams to continue- keep slumbering
either nightmare will do


We fell in love briefly
over a silent cup of tea
an hour maybe
and then got lost in the multitude
along with 'ifs' and 'buts'
and dependable solitude

Note: The same reason we read is why we write

Watch a Clock:

When Watching Time 
And Space 
Become Solid Expressions 
One Can Both Draw
And Withdraw
The Clocking Irony 
As Our Poet Laureate Cohen Does 
With His Timeless Expressions 
No Matter How Secondary
Giving Us Solid Stories 
In Void Ink

Blank Papers 
And Empty Sheets


I’m here to publish my egocentrics
share something if its valuable or educational
share inspiration if there's any in the form of the written word or the visual arts
keep my misery to myself, as its deeply personal
along with my prejudices and ignorance- a daily revelation
and hope to see the same
if not I skip over
scroll under
and on esp. dull days- log out
for having a dispute with a digital avatar
and making it too personal is not that far off from actually believing in what's happening, no matter how digitized. This is escapism at best, and an escapade is only fun and useful when there's no fighting to be done


Wanna catch fireflies
Shub 'em up my arse
So that when I fart, there's an aromatic glow

Delhi Sky:

The Indian moon above
And the ancient land below
Come together on this WiFi terrace

No Beef:

In any form
Cows are beautiful
In India they walk and moo

Tri-colored and worshipped
Sacred herbivore
Where you almost sense that they know!

Dead Again:

Nobody in history has been assassinated more than JFK
and he is still being murdered today
much like the continuing sinkage of the Titanic
let him be
and let the boat be
its probably home to a variety of aquatic life
and JFK back in another fight


Midnight oil spills
Flames fire
And everything burns

Never Mind:

Cat naps
Dog dozes
Bedbugs go helter-skelter
Suckling my toxic blood
And hopping to and fro intoxicated
Grasshopping insomnia at play


In a world of whirlwind chases
And racy dashes
She was a credit to our species
With her languid footsteps
And laidback gait

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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