Friday, November 22, 2013

Looking for the Little Death

Flirted shamelessly
Although petty albeit seriously
Somber tone and all
Like you mean every word you say (and at some yearning level, probably say every word you mean)
But as the old saying goes (presumably in Argentina), it takes two to tango
And as no saying has ever gone before, by admittedly dangling something in common, preferably bananas
But not the bananas! Although they do make quick snacks with a reputable vitamin content (let us leave aside the obvious male hang-up whenever he spots a woman peeling, almost caressing the banana’s skin before gobbling down the white fruit to a juicy pulp)
The dangling dongle was philosophy, which invariably leads to spiritualism, with that sidekick shamanism thrown in for good measure, along with a lot of wholesome healing, requiring healers and inadvertently the Medicine Man
Now comes the caveat
The cherry (flavor be damned, although Buddhism seems to have taken up that engaging mantle) on top was reincarnation
With that incarnated doodle on the dough
Every rough and tumble is a flow
For if everything is connected, inextricably, expect the cinders to blow and glow
The fans to flame
The flames to burn
And voila! Instant Karma manifests and ravages each and every atom in our bodies!
For our souls are hollowed-bottomed-receptacles
Our spirits the epitome of welcoming hospitality
Our minds the nadir of open acceptance
With such succulent food for conversion
Chit old chat
Agreeable tête-à-tête
Quid pro compassionate quo
The question that arises rather rhetorically is what are we doing?
To which the answer spontaneously springs up- nothing really, just paying old dues and justifiable new jeers to urgent old Karmic callings-
Text messages
For there are no coincidences
Just made-up make-up opportunities from former lives
Hence the groovy jives
From out of tens of hundreds of thousands of bees
For us to make a cozy hive
By which time you have committed enough verbal fornication
Not to mention mental masturbation
Exhausted cultivated knowledge
Me as the exotic Himalayan
She as the earnest Caucasian
Now that the mystical massage has been mutually rubbed-off to a sparkling sheen

We await the café on the morrow
Expel our last expertise
Regrettable gracious exits (c'est la vie)
And entering round two
Play some music
Exchange sweet nothings
Make a requiem for a scream
A dirge to the dead
And the unbearable tension of being involved in a potential fuck
Sip some bootlegged wine in a strange room
Let go of clothing pretensions
Play like kids
Pillow fight
Go as butt-naked as the day we were born
Cry out longing desires
Lonesome cravings
Making love in that oldest of traditions
After all, now there is no denying that, to begin with, was the missionary position
To fulfill that carnal urge for a state of reunion
Yab and Yum
Yin and Yang
Yak and Nak
Jack and Jill
To quench that thirst
Relish that food
Devour that desire
For what the French call "La Petit Mort"- the little death
And what we know as the “Briefness of the Bliss”
When you think you have overcome raw Samsara
And in a fleeting sweep, managed touching a Nirvanic follicle
And when you have finally experienced a real “cum”
A deliverance from bodily bondage- like irony spewing out sarcasm
And woken up in the heavens
Flown with angels
Strummed that harp
Adjusted that halo
Floating in milk
Dressed in clouds
Then a knock knocks
Concluding your coupled caper
You fall down with a thud
Wonder whether there is still magic left in the mystical imaginarium
Even as one-
Lights a fag
Drinks some more wine
And realizing the empty chords upon the vocals
Makes faces
Switches on the telly
And if you are both lucky
Perhaps catch an episode of Jerry
A paradoxical re-run of-
Master of Your Domain
Lady of the Mansion
Lord of the Manor
Queen of the County
King of the Castle
If you can enjoy that naked-spiritual-materialism
Perhaps the humor will soften the fall
And you might even surprise your-selves-
Laughing at the whole event
That lead you to this serial about nothing, really
Even as you are already planning and planting a pleasant new season
To start all over
From the beginning-
To ancient Utopian places such as Xanadu
Or Alas in Hellas

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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