Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Moon Lighting

The atlas shook my boyish world
The spinning globe left me in a state of restless spun
Here is that listless search, now become a man
Sitting on a sidewalk café
With strangers from all over that map
Sharing an evening cup of spiced tea
Exchanging notes on the Indian experience
The assault on the senses!
The paradoxical co-existence!
It always ends as it begins; with no comfortable pigeonholes to roost in or brood over
I take a break and look up to the heavens
There is a sky
More like a hanging density of hazy smog
Like the new roof of a smoked-in old kitchen

Up above that gray blanket 
The moonlight is a pale
Has she gotten the flu?
The sun’s gone
Unbeknownst, he leaves behind a nonchalant dusk
As the banter around me varies from Goa’s beaches to Pushkar’s desert to the Rishi Kesh mountains
I check back on the pie in the sky
She’s got a sudden new sheen
An encouraging veneer of copper
With a tint of raw bronze

She’s a bronpper!
As if flung and forgotten
A floating disc
Could it be a wager?
An ancient bet playing out its residual honor? A gambling debt when gods partook of such pleasure? Did the old gamblers roll dice in honor of the moon as in the epics? Were the Mahabharata and the Ramayana dens of the die?
Like Greece of old- when Zeus and Hyades battled over human affections?
The way it still plays out today on celluloid in spandexed comic capers and their superheroes of secret dealings?
And when Apollo made the land, besides the scripted leap, what did Armstrong really feel setting foot on that wagered little planet?
Was he welcomed by his own footprints?

Or did he secretly stake and saw a Divine Naked Diana showering in an oasis of waterfalls, luscious gardens of flowers and a Herculean harem of men?
And for his end kept a zipped lip?
And witnessed beauty so paralyzing he vowed to keep mum?
Did he remember the Garden of Eden and what we’d done?
Having borne the solar cruise; is he now on a lunatic love?
For when the bets are down; everything is up

A cacophonous band broke my moonshine reverie
The chaiwalla boy asked if I wanted a refill
Now dark, my fellow-tavern mates were bidding farewells
I paid for the tea
Decided I’d renew and continue the slivering moon reverie with a smoke and a walk
See where it will lead

Moonlighting and all

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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