Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Take Two & Other Retakes

Re Takes:

·         Without landslides, there would be no Rock and Roll
·         A rolling boulder is more fun than a sliding stone
·         A rolling stone eventually stops, grows muck and earthworms
·         Rock and Roll is a heavy-mating call, and those candles are reciprocal foreplays (and the headbangers are the confused buggers)
·         We are all morons. Sages are reformed morons; the wise are recovering morons and all their disciples are absolute morons
·         Anyone who sounds too good to be non-fictional should head off to a fictional realm
·         Folks living in glass-houses should upgrade the stuff to bullet-proof
·         A man of foresight employs an astrologer; a man of hindsight the daily horoscope. And a man of insight the funny papers.
·         The monk who sold his Ferrari is still paying his Samsara and the man who bought that Ferrari is cruising around in a Greater Vehicle
·         He died digitally; counting his breath on a mobile-calculator jarred with screen-saver visions of albino-yaks and Bardo ringtones
·         Having sat on his Zafu in meditation for months, when he did get up he went into a microcosmic fit singing Needles and Pins
·         Some call it Kora, others call it circumambulation- I call it going around looking at yearning buttocks of bounce
·         Counting prayer-beads, spinning prayer-wheels- is another measurement of bookkeeping
·         He was a Dharma Bum; always trying to squeeze out a sacred fart, an auspicious cough if not an egotistical sneeze or some verbal diarrhea of stale existentialist shit long dried of the odor now poked anew to gory aromas
·         If cloud-9 is getting congested; 7 and 8 are available on the same flotilla
·         Women make the world go ‘round; men get the headaches
·         If someone tells you they are straight as arrows, remember they comes with crooked bows
·         He who laughs last makes a lot of annoying inquiries
·         As you saw; so you see
·         Like the 2008 election promises, change is always coming, camouflaged and fatigued  in some freight Indian train
·         They met in the joint for a failed robbery; now they are as thick as righteous thieves
·         If you wanna learn to avoid sudden obstacles thrust in yer face; watch insects maneuver
·         Dawn breaks because that’s when a man will snore the loudest
·         In an ideal world, the pragmatists will fuck up everything

New Line Up:

We hubbub
Creating new proverbs-
Like “the toe is the hitchhiker’s thumb”
Then we bungle up

I'm Making This Up:

Now a clichéd maxim to end the axiom about dictums and proverbs nobody gives a yarn about in a site full of clichéd dictums, adages, maxims, axioms and proverbs nobody gives a yarn about
Causing adages to die-
Re-cautionary tales of constant botch-ups doing the taunt
As in “man wearing woven skirt not necessarily acting macho”
·         Is being a savvy Dzongkha tattler a moral bypass?
·         During Parliamentary sittings, do our Honorables daydream sharpening the Patangs? Pimping up the vehicles? Redecorating the crib? Expanding the garden?
·         Does the scarf and the sword dangle and get in the way?
·         How long does it take to assemble the whole outfit in one fell swoop?
·         When the crooked-ones hang out, do they talk straight?
·         What does your driver/chauffeur really think of you?
·         When there’s a tour abroad, do you dream in colored hard-currencies?
·         When you think of a handyman, does the term ‘wanker’ pass you by?
·         What do you think porn-actors do on their day-off?
·         And on your day-on, what are your average benign visits?
·         Is being alone in contemplation a vanishing time now that we have the Internet?

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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