Monday, November 4, 2013

The Belly in Delhi


daily exposé
altering discoveries
as naked emperors sip chai with rugged li'l runts and bewildered vagabonds
this land will disturb you to come out quiet
soothe you to go about it in peace
tempt you to break the eggs
and dare you to walk on its shells


The rawness is naked

blunt and bold
modern India always gets you
through its ancient hold

Mexicali Paintress:

She was a doe-eyed fey
drawing skeletons out of closets
ushering them out
setting them free
giving them life
colored calcium
donning fedoras
blowing trumpets
offering bloody roses
to ravenous company
from ashen bones to fleshy dancers


Everyone likes the good things in life-

it cannot be stressed enough
hence one must keep stressing it
till we all get the stress

In Trap:

Without your daily routine you'd be living a mundane life
Without your mundane life you’d be living a daily routine


Wearing another’s person’s face
Clad in his skin
Talking through borrowed tongues
Seeing through rented sight
Thinking in traded thoughts
And walking in a cowhide
Re-living a re-birth
With unpaid dues to Mr. Karma
And increasing debt
Is stretching the superficial remnant
Of bad scripts
Lousy roles
Terrible acting and more

More & More:

the question maybe this,
the answer maybe that-

but one can always count on confusion

Solid Flux:

to be certain
strutting that walk, trotting that talk
the monosyllabic bi-polar bastard!
Raving and ranting those one-liners
-should i?
-could i?
Seducing you to dance in glimmering cages of guilt
inducing one to deceptive self-flagellation
-you wanker!
-you sod!
-you fool!
Saving you the final flog
shilling out a penny
telling you it was harmless banter
as it canters awhile
-hovers above
-bellows below
-and circles around
whispers dualities
in schizophrenic vocals
atonal chords
and judgmental echoes-
the ambiguous bastard!
Top of Form

All That Barking:

In a rich man's world

a dog's life is petty petty good
in a poor man's street
a dog's life is rock n roll

Face Off:

Daily bouts of passing superficiality

and loitering artificiality
result in mild authenticism

Righteous Wrongs:

He was a singular man
Facing occupational resistance
Morally stiff
Adopting ethical nonsense
Giving them sanctimonious names
“Ethos” was a personal favorite
Followed by “Pathos”
Bereft of conscious-residence
He'd dream of yurts, igloos and teepees
Perhaps he should have called himself a “Happy Camper”
But aware of such a misleading misnomer
He stayed put with the “Day Dreamer”

Welcome to the Grindhouse:

The habitual creature awakes

glances at the wrist-watch
more of a gifted accessory than a scheduled timer
performing morning rituals
brushing subtracting molars
thinning hair
a shining mirror reflects a body ravaged by gravity
superficial worries dent the moment
restless calls move the limbs
to cafes and the day's papers
nothing has changed bar the calls for change
ancient dramas
modern settings
quixotic escapades
resigned shrugs
botched hullabaloos
and dodgy repackaged sales of titillating lucid-dreams
promises of the garden of Eden
and the coming of the messiah
are touted by messengers of hope
nothing rancid
or trepid
when you see the sea
the shark and the seal
both calling it home
natural habitats with instinctual tendencies to flourish or flounder
as in the waters below
so it is in the earth above
where relentless life meets persistent death on daily displays
and in-between
all one can do is one's routine

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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