Friday, December 27, 2013


sacred cows
& accursed pigs
have really done it for the indian chicken
& the occasional goat
as they get laid bare in the menus
prized & priced
in the pot for the two on top

we make seated Buddhas
or the occasional standing one
while his Spot under the Bodhi Tree remains empty
or the Spot under the Shading Tree where his mother birthed him
or the Spot underneath the Resting Tree where he died
they are

it just hit me
as it just might hit ya
that we all have our hits

went swimming in the ganga
where pilgrims dip
awash their impurities
their sins
soak up prayers
hope there's healing and the like
i had a good bath
not to negate nothin'- if any of the above should happen
-just as naturally

one of these days
those seeds of deeds
are gonna grow into stories
its mine no more

when doves cry
turtles die
rebirthing into turtledoves
that fly
by & bye
from the shore to the sky

i've run out of
slowly the jug empties
and i hear the air making music

rooftop heaven
mini bonfire
wordly mates
a cactus and some candles
lotta bhang
food & music
perfect Cactmas!

we took a boat on the ganges
i volunteered to work the oars
the boatman sat
asked how long was he doing this
said since he was ten- now he's forty
a year older, i felt nutty
he's been rowing the ganges for thirty
i felt dirty
and then i got naughty
(making fun of numbers!)

i lie
making up stories
to get to the truth
philandering the sacred
to get to the roots

master of all trades
jack of none
meets jack of all trades
master of none
exchanging secrets of the trade

woke up dreaming of superheroes, violence & poetry
i'll try & get through the day
without any of the threesome play

willy shakes was wrong
im sorry willy
it ain't to be to or not to be
ask any indian
he'll tell ya
"what to do?"
with a knowing nod and a reassuring bob
silencing yer dilemma
with wide smiles
but should you stubbornly persist
he'll repeat it once more
and if you still insist
he'll bomb ya
declaring "trust me, its just like that"
you gape at him in disbelief
and there he is in grins goin' "what to do?
shrugging his shoulders at yer complexities
offering handshakes
waving goodbyes
saying "what to do?"

however ephemeral
everytime i meet a stranger
i get to know myself better
reminding me
that every stranger is a friend waiting to happen
however ephemeral

casual shrugs
give in and surrender
accepting complications
in simple shrugs
as they are

in one day
i saw a lifetime
and lived alive
one wholesome day

i can't stand the drowning sunset
everytime i look at it
it melts me merciless
with poignant rays
it kills me
piece by piece
in peace
and surrendered silences

as brief as a flickering wicker in a lamp
getting to know a woman is a beautiful brilliance
burning brightest before it busts

amoral sinner
immoral saint
perfect philanderer!

drawing here & there
oodles doodles noodles
yet to draw poodles

i'd like to do the weather forecast but really, what's the point?

correction: bad habits never die
hard or soft
-they limber & linger on

in conversation
Spanish fella asks "are Bhutanese hard-working?"
i blurt: "yes. the hardest working Bhutanese is the King"
he looked bewildered

i felt good & bad

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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