Friday, December 6, 2013

Nothing like Madiba

Megalomaniacal monologue
Wraps crap rap
In jest or in zeal
Ass protected always
Do not repeat this
At home or abroad
Legit quandaries
For 18 and above
Minors may walk in with major hands
Discretionary reading required
Parental mappings
Moral droppings
Ethical advantages
Polite conflagrations
Legal hammerings
Pre-emptive preventions
Harmonious battles
Freedom’s megalomaniacal despots
Monocratic altars
Crosshair offerings
Skirting matadors
Bullshit ovations
Masochistic bravura
Fearless cowardice
Calculated spontaneity
Chained sanitized correctional faculties
But let's digress
Cite legends on the other shore
(Madiba’s gone! Mandela just died!
That Man of a Mandala fights, finds and earns his rest and may he do so with rightful compadres)
Reality bites and blows gum-less rubber bubbles
Look at that naturally endowed existentialist journalist-
Timely slimy regurgitations
In cites legends of the grave some more
Rumi's got no room
Bertrand Russell’s gone metaphysically Brussels
Crow’s an actor
God’s a dog spelled backwards
Gandhi’s gotten dandy
Dalai lama's gone laughing to the Bahamas
Plato’s in Pluto
Aristotle’s drawing a turtle
Jesus is swearing
Buddha’s in the 'hood wearing' army boots
Poets suck when they go limber and slide the buck
Beatniks are doing' moon walk lyrics
Zen’s a sushi
Tao’s a chopstick
Pundits banter
Plaudits matter
Mantra’s a mathematical mull
Kundalini sounds like a name like Mandakini
Acting goddess
Chopping dances
Chakras are tough elastic polymeric substance made from the latex of tropical plants 
Or synthetically customized
Ego's an eco-friendly clothing akin to the Gho or the Kimono
Refreshing flesh
Flatters to deceive is an oblong mirror obliging hesitantly resisting in dissent
Spirits are on the rocks
Soul’s got a lotta holes
Heart’s next to spare ribs
Love’s an electrocuted oven
Energy’s a pair of pencil batteries
Buddhism’s a glam dunk
Happiness a sad hunk
Hinduism’s a postured jingoism
Islam’s a bombshell
Jews are at the Feuds breaking bed with Philistines

Capitalism’s a select coat of creepy cum cream served cherry on top by Randy down below
The majority’s a travesty in masses
Communism’s some park watering a dead desolate bed of sedated bugs flying propaganda pamphlets as divine tablets
Consumerism’s dying shopping
Spiritualist’s painting rainbows
Reincarnation plays Julius Caesareans
Vegetarians are fishy fishermen
And fish is an esoteric vegetable that swims in fins and scales with an insufferable pout and enticing tentacles
Democracy’s a bankable selection
Money’s papered art banked in numbers valued at stretched imaginariums
Poverty’s a state
Human rights are left
Being gay's a desolate crime minus any rhythm or rhyme victimized to macho mimes
Earth’s got three worlds
Religion’s a pious guilty trade of sacrificial offerings- give and take a merit or more
Hell’s Bells' an AC/DC song
War’s a video game
Peace sounds like please
Change’s a famous word
Hope’s free and cheap
Desire’s a deadly deodorant
Competition’s charming
Sex’s an engaging lobby
Life’s a wealthy hobby for Richie Rich caricatures
An orphaned runt now rants righteously at fattened families
And death's an expensive insurance measured out in doses of preventable ailments
Prescribed by doctors
Subscribed by survivors
So that one can relive all of the symptoms mentioned above and those that are-
Obviously omitted
For yer own safety
For we’re really concerned
Why’d you think the Surgeon General allowed the nicotine-
To label compassion
Bar apathy
Publicize emphatic warnings
Smoking Can Cause Cancer of the Tropics
Craps of the Capricorn
Northern nonsense
And southern slang
Singularly making ye bipolar
In monocular insights
And binocular visions
From periscopes of drowning depths
Warning ye yet again
Of careless cares
And other careful caricatures crafted in crayon caresses celebrating celebrations of antiquated modernity
With comical commercials
Relaying tragic news
In sombre facials
And sober sombreros

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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