Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stitching Quotes

"Get Yer Own coat
Stitch One
Weave Yer Own Magic
But As Far Woody's Concerned
Exceptions Must Be Made"

-This is a quote I carry in my inner pocket of an outer jacket resembling a coat of arms begging for alms emblazoned on the shoulder blades garrisoned either side by sentries at the ready gates looking out for peculiar weather patterns so as to strategize the most suitable game plans:
The point being-
Ye who lacketh a mere coat of cloth
Or is in want of a mere quote of depth
Could certainly ascertain and harvest yer own-self-emanating experiential wisdom
Or other wisely so
Should express your blistering espressos
As in
Rushing cappuccinos foils the floating-coco broth of cream
If abortion’s a sin, what about the chickens you ate for omelets and frying scrambles from yet-unborn-eggs?
The pointer being:
Grow yer own wisdom
Even if it comes seldom
And see how yer quotes about any subject, object and experience begins to flow
There’s no denying the impassioned inspiration drawn from masters, gurus and maestros
And the subsequent aspiration to do what they did
And what they did was wander, explore and experience the quotations bequeath to them by their own teachers or those who embedded roots of inspiration and aspiration
Until they began framing their own revelations
Writing their own jewels
As sounds or forms
Phrases and braces
Counsels and advises
Answers and anecdotes
Inspiration and imitation
And ultimately original expression
In words of the worlds we inhabit
And inhabiting the words of the worlds
With all its fragile beings
And mammoth spaces and gases and stars and planets
In a single grass-blade of self-effacing grace
And teachings floating in the vastness of airiness
Taking form
Blessed as solid stories
In ephemeral and transient settings
Now go weave a fresh coat of threaded cloth
Or cook a dry pot of quotients
See the embers for the flames and flames for the fires ye kindled
The harmonious blend of the burnt ash and the shat you turded out in the great outdoors
Fertilized at last, the earth laughed and the soil smiled
The mud grinned
And plants grew its rich fruits
The four-legged thrived
The winged nestled
Even you couldn't resist a big giggle of delightful surprise
Welcome astonishment
And simple discovery

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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