Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sudden Life Sudden Death

*Rest Well Erik

Dear departed friend
Too late I respond
Too long I refrained
For naught
As ye cometh to yer end
Leaving me in shock
Now burgeoning into retrospectives
Of ifs and buts
I should have done more
Extended a hand or an ear
I’ll live looking at the rear
Reminding myself to remember
First gut best cut
Instead of caving into hindering creepers
Forgive me my friend
When we do meet on the other side, things will be different
For now I carry yer considerate touches
And a lot more that can't be told
This life done
I hope ye journey well with a smile and a good hearted pun 
As ye always done
As I remember
From Thimphu to Fokkerhof
We had our times
Many rich ones
And a few born of poverty
Where we dwelled and dined
Sometimes with beer and others with wine
Farewell dear friend
Thank you for yer friendship and the times we shared
Momentary forges that lasts a lifetime
Now and till the inevitable hour
Farewell my friend
Farewell my brother
Rest in Peace, Move About in Harmony


Smoking in my room
Inhaling deaden air
Sudden reminders of reviving refreshments


If sorrows are heartfelt
Sighs are honest
Then tears are healers
Cleansing whatever's clogged
Or cobwebbed

Church Call:

Outside the bell gongs
Declaring ancient rites
For modern wrongs
Plying fire rituals on one bank
Burning the dead in another
In parallel connections

This Ditty:

A haiku's like a breath
It comes and it goes
In unconscious continuum
Even when one's conscious
Of what's already forming in the vacuum

Making Sense:

Thinking hard
For meaningful insights
Causes unnecessary headaches


Real artists
True to themselves
Remain unknown
I, am not one of them

Oddly Even:

In seeing rightly
Inspirational ordinariness
Will engage ya
In passionate displays
And detached pleas


Men sit and smoke
Women chat and shop
Together they’re a riot gone amok


If ya can hear the sea in a seashell
Oak in an acorn
Marry misery and merriment
Life in a seed
Mountains in a pebble
Desert in a grain of sand
Knowing knots that tie are the same knots that blind and bind
You get a gist of the poets of old
And their universe in a blade of grass


Treacherous dogs
Monkeys in meditation
Are nature’s miracles
And if life’s a miracle
Surely we must be magicians
Holding forgotten wand in hand
Indulged inertia
Sedated spells
Guileless dispositions
In need of stones for polished refinement
To reclaim the glitter
By birth perhaps
And risked choices
Now toss that silver
Call yer fate
Heads and tails on offer
Let’s see what lands in yer vaulted coffer
Do not make me repeat
For I’m hoarse of throat
aunt of flesh
Starved of spirit
Hollow of soul
My flesh skinned to the brim
Performing these repetitive chores of bores
Playing gravitas to the heart
Tantalus to the desire
In Herculean irony

Looking For Christ:

Gray skies blanket the city, dense fogs from the North Sea swallow it up,
A child’s cherry enlightenment lightens my state,
It’s x-mas,
And everyone’s looking for Christ
Global Warming’s coming home,
And this year the snowman walks naked
It’s x-mas,
And everyone’s still looking for Christ
A new year will hatch again,
Birthing renewed hope for the doves to be,
And if history is any hint,
Ravens will caw,
And all our righteous resolutions shall become brief and bored.
There’s tension and nervousness hugging the streets,
The five skandhas pan out for borrowed retreats,
It’s still x-mas and everyone’s still looking for Christ!
Formulaic greetings jam the airwaves,
Dulled and numbed, I sloth on the expressways,
And conquered by heavy slumbers,
I linger in sleepy bardos,
Though it still be x-mas,

I’ve bid my goodbyes to Christ.

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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