Saturday, January 4, 2014

Life is a Transistor Radio- Tune In

Transistor Radio:

When this transient life comes to an end
What’s there left to bend or to mend?
And thus naturally
One sees
The pettiness
And the grandiosity
In the Big View
Knowing this is where it all ends
-as I know you

-as you know me
If that is thus
And such is this
Let’s live in rest
Wishing each other the best
Funeral pyres burn next to curious visitors-
And such
As goats chew remnants of offerings to the dead
The bodies burn
As life goes on
In chatters
As one person’s tragedy becomes another’s comedy
There’s amusement at the dais
Life on the steps and stairs
Along with bewilderness
All keeping a keen eye
Or a passing lid
As everyone watches their own cremations
Or otherwise
To that inevitable end
Around the bend
With nothing left to mend

Searching in Sarnath:

           I was at the Deer Park
          Watching The Buddha
As Siddhartha
In visual murals
His search portrayed on the walls
It ashamed me deep
How shallow was my own keep
How narrow my own leap
In giving gratitude to his noble search & suffering
I felt ignoble at my own futility
Weak efforts
Habitual wrecks
Making me nearly weep
Not at his attainment
Though’ that sparked the ember
But my own wanton attachments
Thinking of his story
Melting in it
As passages passed by from Old Path White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh
Of this precious possibility
Paved by that being
That man
That prince

That confusion which aroused Siddhartha
Into Gautama
To seek
Far beyond his own misery
Enduring fasts and wraths
Familial deaths and heartbreaks
Yet sitting firm
In forests
Under trees
In shades
In heat
Facing external elements
Internal strife
In loins
Liberating us all
With his final conquest
That simplified blue print


Of the Way of the Tathagata
The Four Noble Truths
The Eight Noble Paths
In plain sight
Almost whispering
"What else do we need?"

Sound Asleep:

Dying last night
I lingered in sleepy bardos
In visions of teachers
Yet attached
Thus I awoke
But with another day to splurge
I give thanks
To such momentary lapses
And deathly hallucinations
Reminders of fleeting lives


This epiphany
Made me look around at people
The thought thinking "are there other species besides warring homing sapiens?"
Then that thought visualized pictures of creatures
The elements
The world
The life
The universe
The multiverse
The richness was vast
And at last
Saw the trees for the trees
Forests for the forests
Each thing as its own thing
In perfect coexistence
In an epiphany
That was unexpectedly perfect
In all its imperfections
And impunities
Lay the thought thinking- you don't know anything and that is fine
Of late
I’ve become quite the dunce
Answering Qs I do not know with 'I don't know'
And the ones I do know as 'may bees'
Could bees
The certainty in the uncertainty
Is the refuge
The dharma is the karma
The karma is the dharma
As one seeming buffoon put it in a famous Hindi movie- "beauty is the beauty and duty is the duty"- it was 'Love Story'
I can now level with him
Laugh with him
Knowing I know nothing
And that is alright
Because one day you'll always pick up whatever you left
And go right
Without directions
Or quests

A Hut:

No pleasing pleases
Add some peaces
Share them not in pieces
But in hearty buffets
Whether ye be in shacks
Or in mansions
Do them without cases
Perhaps with graces
Without counting paces
Or keeping spaces
For skies are vast
As we
Could be
Should be
Even with laziness
Aspire to be
Closing quotes such as 'whether to be or not to be'
And other variant queries
With open bravado
Or closed invitations


Total impermanence
Changing phenomena
Just look at everything
Looking back at you
In permanent
Helpless death
Hapless decay
Sacred process
Individual cycles
Absolute solitude
Responsible self-dependence
In inter-dependence
Karmic influx
Standing apart
Watching the flow
The circus
As part
And spectator
Uncreated universe
Uncreated life
Perfect decay
Passing plays
With right sight
There’s no need of foresight
Or hindsight
With the right sight


Life's a ticket
To samsaric circuses
In full vibrant displays
Rainbows, hallucinations and all
Playing dramas
Or watching plays
Conjoined in theatrics
Or awareness of such mimicries
Nothing envelopes you
In unfolding everything
Just as naturally



   *there's no key to happiness
as there're no locks upon such stateness
there's no looking for happiness
as happiness isn't an appearance
there's no searching for happiness
as happiness isn't some lost baggage
there's no pursuing happiness
as happiness isn't running anywhere
there's no finding happiness
as happiness doesn't hide anywhere
there's no seeking happiness
as happiness isn't a sought after sight of prize
to speak bluntly-
there's no happiness
just as there's no sadness
and if there's such a thing-
surely the presence of one must include the other
-and all its consequences
-as happiness
-and as sadness

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