Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Prayer- DJK Rinpoche

 *As I have encountered the Dharma in this life,
And from time to time been interested in practising it,
I must have accumulated some merit during my past lives.

 *Throughout this life I have admired, been inspired by,
And, on occasion, had the courage to emulate my master,
So I must have gathered a little more merit.

*Though shallow, my trust in the Three Jewels is absolute,
And I am convinced that they alone will not mislead me –
Surely a sign of their unfailing blessings.

*From time to time I am moved
By the teachings of the Buddha and his followers,
Which must mean that, at some point, I’ve done something right.

*Now and then, when required to make an offering,
I feel ashamed of my own miserliness,
And so the Dharma must have entered my mind to some extent.

*As, once in a blue moon,
I catch myself trying to impress others,
My random condemnation of ego must have had some effect.

*Although the feeling is rare and short-lived,
I have empathized with those who are destitute,
So, however seldom, I must have some heart.

 *By the power of all this merit and virtue,
May I not attain enlightenment
Until every other sentient being has reached enlightenment before me.

 *By the power of the merit of not wanting enlightenment
Ahead of all other suffering beings,
May I not become enlightened
Until everyone else has reached enlightenment before me.

—Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse, Bartsham, December 31, 2013

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