Friday, January 3, 2014

Two Bits

Art* Sara Johnsen

Done combating the ego- I give in & surrender to its selfish glow
Done chasing the Dharma- I give up & let it go
Done pursuing happiness- I give up & welcome its ephemeral appearances
Done being sad- I give in & welcome misery generously
Done chasing Nirvana- I resign & embrace Samsara
Done donning imageries- I quit & become who ever I’m supposed to be
Done trying to make things right- I welcome left junctions
Done pondering the next life- I try & live this presentness
Done wondering about my previous incarnations- I make peace with present reincarnations
Done being undone- I expect nothing
Done with hope- I reject all expectations
Done with positivity- I befriend negativity
Done with judgments- I’ll bejudge none
Done with vengeance- I’ll begrudge none
Done wondering- I go blank
Done wandering- I follow my shoes
Done playing impressions- I’ll do depressions
Done doing the done dana done
I do none
Done separating duality- I welcome Jekyll & Hyde
 Tom, Dick & Harry
And everything & nothing
As it is
Not As It Should Be
Could be
Would be 
And enjoy the monkey on my back
Along with the circus on show
The kowtow
Unlearning all I learnt
Unknowing all I knew
Emptying the jug has become a tank
But a labor of love, nonetheless


Art* Sara Johnsen
A pair of parrots takes off in a lovely flight
Monkeys groom each other lovingly in the 'noon sun
A raven flows & perches atop a temple spiral in loving majesty
Mynahs hop & bob about, pecking lovingly
A pair of mice nibbles Prasad, with much love
From here I can't see the buffaloes
But I’m certain they're bathing in the river, lovingly
Telling us, rather sheepishly, 'we practice what you preach'- daily & lovingly


Like me, this pup was a stray walking the expressway-
I never looked between his/her legs
Assumed she was a he
Named her a macho name- Tony Montana
Till she birthed a litter
With open embarrassment
We named her- Antonia
But she won't have it
So Tony Montana it is!
Now she lives in a farm with my mother
-herself a pup become a mother
And in time, a grandmother I reckon
For it beckons
As all Karmic ties must
Whether it be with animals
Or the elemental dust
We are
In-between ashes to ashes
Flesh & bones
Blood & clot
This bittersweet lot


Friends, drukpas, countrymen
Keep yer wits as ye usher in the new AD
Wishing ye all perfection in all imperfections
Purity in the dirt
Sadness behind smiles
Melancholia behind bravura
This is how we are
And it’s OK
Jolly Good 13th-14th AD For Thee & Thine; D
Stay Aware, Be Alert, Take Care, Give Care- Cheers, Fears & Prayers


The wrath is well & alive
Just last night
A niggling drunk
Awoke the wrath in me
Pure & simple
Without the anger
As this year hangs on by a day
I remember the drunk
The wrath
And see it all unfold
As it was
Pure & simple
No stains
No strains
No chains
No banes
Just the remembrance of truthfulness
And thanks to those who arouse that sleeping beast
Reminders of certain teachings
Such as thanking ones who provoke suchness

Every now & then
I dream of my king
And wake up with quite the grin 


Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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