Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hodor's Odor

i went to the streets
i wasn't really looking for anything
just some fresh air and a breakaway from my most irreverent retreat
this self-imposed exile was necessary in a world running on empty money
i had neither the cash to dash about nor the lash to indulge in some purifying self-flagellation of personal delusion
times like these are good to read about
i'd rather be doing that than writing about living like that but laziness evolves and becomes static lethargy
and just as the isolation becomes a close buddy and one stubborn aide-de-companion of schizophrenic misery the legs wanna move so I go mobile at least for a while as the legs need it more than me
the shadows are back as i walk the streets of poor hopes and exhibitions aplenty
the shadow comes maneuvering the path and the step-brotherly side walking pavements
as dangerous a walk as you are ever likely to have if you are car-less walking amongst drivers who are careless, you see, they are driving not walking is the thinking
but the shadows are back
and throwing them like shady boxers punching air-bags looking at the wall is the sun
the brightness was as brief as a YouTube tease of a clip
and the rains fell back
i like heavenly showers long as i can keep dry
just as i've always loved the water
whether that water was in a pond, a brook, river, lake or an ocean didn't really matter
the water’s container did
like i get jubilant when i see country water taps
or wells and wellsprings
they gush and they hush
especially the old Indian pumps
but there's a cat meowing somewhere in me
i'm drying up and avoiding wetting any attached part of the water-proof body
now the rains have become drips
they have begun to trickle
one drop at a time they make contact
with frequent periodical in-between commas
full stops like bus stops
it looks like the heaven's have emptied their bladders
nature is what nature was
the fall's coming riding on the back of these monsoon clouds
i was in an Aladdin pant just last week
all week indeed when as quiet as a mouse a sudden chill shifts and drifts in
the room
it’s now cooler
i know, the single-file wrap-around poncho-blanket was all stretched today
threading at the seams
weary of the wearer
so i got my warmer cloth
and sitting down, i began to wonder whether in such confines one needs an acclimatize r
that and talks of blood
lots of blood
red red blood
thick and thin
RBCs and WBCs
and the miracles they perform when mountaineering
breathing at high summits
the apex breath gasps here!
so present on top of the spots that the question that pops is- with or without the 02?
i thought if you went to point X and came back to X marks the spot what does it matter whether you took a breath or held it till you got over there?
for haven't you already done what you were gonna do?
and with such accomplishments, how far is the memoir?

well isn't it just a pen and lots of breaths away?

do this- inhale in your moments
exhale out your experiences
fart away the intoxicants
with the weather as it is
who knows
you could be taking the grandest walk you ever did
a stroll like good ol' Lou Reed would say
On the Wild Side of Life
and Brian the Monty Python to keep you upbeat
for who hums Always Look on the Bright Side of Life crucified as he was with a view to a kill?
Jesus did
and Brian does
so should you walker
so should you explorer before i cuss you and name you and shame you
you mountaineer
rock climber
rock and rolla
lousyprick- let's light those cancer sticks


i rub my palms
play so many violins with its fingers
calming nerves
orchestrating limbs
protesting heady products
castrating thoughts
one little humdinger at a time
sending myself personal memos in the mailbox
who knew living was such a daily dying process
dying one little death at a breath such a living being
even if it was just a thing
it is everything

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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