Saturday, September 20, 2014

I'm Losing It

I’m losing it
I’m losing these things I don't even need
I’m losing it
I’m losing these emotions that keep playing with my feelings
I’m losing it
I’m losing my fight against organic food and environmental good
I’m losing it
I’m losing my trust against the channels of deceptions they call breaking news
And having lost it all I keep finding myself back in the circus and the waiting queue
I’m finding myself watching matadors kill gentle beasts
Now that I’ve made my confessional blues
Let me go back to the streets for I've some more things to lose
I’m losing it
I’m losing my vote to political promises they don’t ever mean to keep
I’m losing it
I’m losing my conviction in modern poison they want us to believe is medicine
I’m losing it
I’m losing my faith in the deliverance of our daily butter and bread
I’m losing it
I’m losing my love for these noises they call music
I’m losing it
Now that I've lost it all I’ve no baggage to keep and declare
I’m sitting here with my things in a saddle bag ready to embark on a journey somewhere
Now that I’ve lost it all there’s a certain lightness in my spirit
The things I’ve lost have made me lighter and better I believe
I don’t necessarily condone violence but that don't mean I’m no fighter
I’ve lost it all
And I’m still losing it
But there's no need to be alarmed at the things I’ve lost
There’s no insurance measured against such values
They’ve yet to invent devices that will test your inner stuff
But until then I’m not complaining et al
I’m glad I’ve lost it all
Why, if you saw me walking the streets or sitting by a café, don't be surprised seeing the calm in my losing face
So stop by and join me at the stairs or the tables for some strong caffeine and good old nicotine cigarettes
For here there’s nothing left to lose but your educated woes
And in frank conversations you’ll see that we’re all really free and fair
But darling that’s not gonna happen if you stick to things
You see
You've gotta start somewhere
You’ve gotta start losing things; You’ve gotta start losing things

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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