Monday, September 15, 2014

Right Postures

Bear With Me-

the long sleep over, the bear got out of his earthy cave, shrugging of weeks of hibernation, he began rubbing his eyes in rapid hesitation
even as he couldn't resist squinting at what the heck was going on
good morning was out of the question
he looked back at the white light
and the sun bathing everything in warm hues of basking brightness
he huddled back into the cavern like a drunk and grabbed his clothes
a jean that's been around long and mean
and a leather jacket kept hidden in the basement of an Indian garment merchant he'd managed to nose in and dry
it was worth every pry
it was quite the sniff
for the jacket was almost a perfect fit
he'd often ponder in serious agony what fellow-creature's skin he was actually wearing
it was quite a flesh, this jacket
the hardness and the rawness now shaved smooth though wear and tear
the jacket had become particularly soft and almost lively in its leathery rejuvenation
because he now wore it everywhere
it was really the external hide to his internal skin
the one above the meaty flesh and funny bones
the raw butt naked nudity left him vulnerable
it was almost years since he'd always had the jacket
time had its stitching in the form of sewn patches
following in examples of Siddhartha the Buddha 
fully garbed in those woven texture
he squinted at the sunlight
almost wising upon a Mahatma Gandhi looking glass
panning his hungry gaze over the land
the mountains and the hills
villages and towns
and having been drilled into the new mantra of moneyed time
he went to pick berries
and came back with other bearings
news he said
there's news
besides whatever's going on
everything's the same he shouted
and thank goodness, he groaned and roared, nothing's changed!

Pep Up-

here's the plan
the layout
the flying Robin's eye-view
the definite POV
so you'd think
but anyways
here's the scene
as it used to be
you see
i used to plan
and now you already know what has to happen
i've to plan again
use jazzy utilities
grave wordage
such as following these dangerous words
-gathering intelligence
-mapping out
and other such constructed designed synonyms of what is an essentially change-less practice in repetitious antiquity
-as ancient as that deserted useless triangular Egyptian pyramid
or the ride about the Chinese wall
that hanging garden of slave suspended somewhere in Babylon's heavy granite
and others of that ilk
silks and routes
who all planned
in re-planning
were all damned


string up the strings
stretch them out man, from one knotted end to the other bend 
where its gotta be well screwed and tightened you know my man?
like when you work with a rangers from tool box kits
in engaging instruments
in perfect suspense
right tension
like something come unstuck in-between a magnet and a nail
in gradual attraction
they attract
and go forth into the arms of the dancing partner
without victors or victims
just staying attached 
until the next string snaps
and the chemistry must begin renewed
between our two wholesome physicists in natural laws
and our endearing common bittersweet flaws

What Is It?

it meanders, 
goes astray- 
discovering home

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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