Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Switched Off

Life is the World-

I’m a paranoid chameleon struggling with my own mercurial colors hopping around like grasshoppers
And that’s when I’m in one of those reanimated phases of naturally regenerated vigor of moving emotions
Talking of life forms, here’s another lackluster illustration, of a stagnated sloth who dreams of moving to Australia, budding up a Koala, learning Zen and the Fart of Eating One Eucalyptus Leaf
But life can be a hardwired fickle prick and like the solo sloth stuck in his cozy little nook of an Ent Tree I stay in a crevice and somehow manage to make it homely
And that’s when I stay through a static immobilized state of paralyzed inertia
What is the point of all these animal imagery?
Questions like that becomes a quest of unknown vertigo
It’s like having your logic afflicted by sentimental uprisings that just feels tragic
The train of thought doesn't always follow the laid out tracks just as your morning glory don’t always end up becoming your midnight trophy
The focus is colossal and in such colossal specter the vision gets speckled and hazy
So what do you do? Why, you go focus on the strawberry
Pluck one juicy bud and see if it’s sugared
The point is there’s only wonder in life’s wanton wanders
The folks I envy can lay in peace for I've found and sat my own little slice of silent shit
A niche if you will
Much like a Hobbit’s bunker
Not that it makes a difference to the world but yet isn't that the beauty of this most organic duty?
Where you mind your business but still offer a helping hand for free
You see, it keeps coming back to you as it does to me
We are not the world
They can sing as long and as loud as they want and we will still not be the world
We are guests
Specially invited
To this show of the world and its organic theatricals
Besides serving us sunny skies, sandy beaches, full moon nights, starry delights, cool breezes, lush forests, phantasmagorical deserts, daunted mountains and polar delights-
There’s that other hand holding a coin with heads and tails wagering on truths of relativity
Most folks love heads
But if there’s one odd flaxen judge in the cosmos it is life itself, tossing coins all over the place
Every now and then it frequently lands on its tails
Turning and churning the curd upside down and downside up
A real headache if you feel me
This brings about hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, fire, and freezing winter
I’m not done yet
There are also baking summers; dying autumns and dried springs to give you a jolt and a déjà vu
If you happen to be in the cross-hairs its réjà vu- you know; the feeling that it’s happened before and it’s happening right now, to you
So what do you do?
What can you do?
Do you even have to do the do?
Looking back thrusts you forward just as grasping hindsight begets nervous foresight
Yet there is no finality in any of this wise trickery
If you don’t believe me go read some history
Now if you get caught up in the eye of the bull the horns will get you
Should you survive the goring you’ll have new angles in reviewing just about any bull
If not you die
And having died you’ll survive
Life will gift you a first class ticket right in front of the front row upfront facing the show
Being in a circus might be fun but watching the circus unfold as you sit and see is a blessing indeed
Watching life’s ironies
Its befuddlement
And perfect misplacement
Imagine having that voucher
And that is how it is-
From the underrated generosity of strangers to the glorified comfort of unfamiliarity
From engaging labors of nocturnal nativity to luminous dispositions of translucent commotions
This is it
And that is that- Certified with a most mercurial guarantee and benignly tagged

Back and Forth-

some metamorphose backwards becoming butterflies,
others honeybees;
and then there are the fortunate lot in the entitled realm buzzing about as shit flies
smug and sincere
they are commonly rare
if you know what i mean
this you must have seen
-inconvenience caused is highly regretted
is the call of their daily butter and bread
now here comes the catharsis
preaching photosynthesis
and vegetative states

Miss Call-

i rub my palms
play so many violins with its fingers
calming nerves
orchestrating limbs
protesting heady products
castrating thoughts
one little humdinger at a time
sending myself personal memos in the mailbox
who knew living was such a daily dying process
dying one little death at a breath such a living being
even if it was just a thing
it is everything

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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