Saturday, January 17, 2015

In Greek Street

Swinging Song:

Suckered into the vacuum
I’ve lived in the hollows
Drowned in the abyss
Swept into whirlpools
Blown about by currents
Taken apart by tides
And laid on the banks
Swept by some good Karma
Long engendered
In some scattered wish
That’s come to the rescue
Now conscious
The eyes are beginning to open
And I’m beginning to see
How dead
And like a corpse
One can be
In the Sea of Samsara
That rages
On and on
For lifetimes
And lifetimes
Where the waters that drowns can also be the waters where one floats
From this
To the other shore
And more

Squaring Up:

Karma's trauma
And life's drama
Have all come home to roost
To hatch a watch
Watch a hatch
See this for that
And that for this
In a field of equal vision
As is and always will be
Without belittlement
Or flattery
Here we are
More than flesh, bones and blood ever will be!


I can't read the past
Nor write the future
I'm just sitting here making presents
Trying to make peace with all these fears
Dying daily a hundred deaths
Life's suddenly invaluable
And Death itself
Priceless passage


Take these belongings
Together with these longings
Pack them in a rucksack
Or keep them in a storage
It's yours to will
I'm leaving these thrills
Paying the final bill
Clearing those debts
And walking away
To learn to waltz
And tango with my-self
Face the music
Do the inner dance

Greek Beach:

Cool blue Mediterranean waters
Reflects the vast expansive skies above
draped in curiously tropical sunshine
Set amidst deep winters
Painting organic scenarios
Drawing natural warmth
Sketching calm
In relaxing sceneries
Gets stoned
Sings the Inevitable Blues
Gets Jazzy
Goes Classical

White Flag:

The wandering wanderer wanders
Up against wonders
In white flags
And banners of ceasefires
Saying I Give Up
Surrendering to ever changing Chameleon surroundings
Like everyone of us
I am
Exactly where I need to be
Extinguishing past Karmas
Igniting new ones
One teeny weeny spark at a time
Hoping they'll be good
Expecting bad
Preparing acceptance
Readying nothing

Friendly Fire:

Befriend everything
What have you got to lose but your enemies...

Sudden Draft:

Cold breaks in
Like a thief
Body shivers
Like a possessed Elvis
Mind's wanton
Like a threatened airport
Now everything's still
Like furniture
In a sterile store
It's the woods
Without any trees
Mindful of such deeds
One must walk with the weeds
Try enjoying the beat
Looking at the midday sun
Face the heat


It's cursory
This font
Dancing so mad
On a yellow pad

Failing Nervous System:

Rooftop anxiety
Drives me down to the basement
Where panic threatens
Sending me to the living room
Where i spy dead bodies
Watching television
Thus I exit
The doors of delusion
House of wax
And walking
Wander the streets of senses
In a city
Of midnight blinding lights
And ancient repercussions
Like an abused medium
I keep walking
In maddening


Breaking bread
Breaking Bad

Situation A-Light:

Feeling cartoonish
And strangely this thought that hums
Sympathy for the Devil- Empathy for the Angel


Killing expectations
Murdering hope
Now dreams must be assassinated
And reality itself uprooted

Talking Heads:

Loud conversations
Empty the room
From silent fears
The quietness within
There hides awareness
In plain sight
Clear as mud
One blink and how it withers
Seemingly fragile
In compounded forms


Bottomless belly
Greek coffee
Wholesome neurotic slurps

Mr Baritoned:

The flowers are plastic
The pot a vase made from recycled waste
It's dry
There's no water in
Upon it
Its a flower's grave
There's a pigeon perched on an electric pole
There's no flock
No preening
No songs
No tunes
The bard in the bird is quiet
The sky is gray
There's gloom in the air
It's tobacco climate
I roll a cigarette
Inhale life
Exhale death
There's Tom Waits
Mr Wails
Mr Groans
Mr Roars
He sings
As I breathe
In stagnant surroundings
Coming alive
As suddenly
He waits
And hums
And again
Flower's graves


Journeying in time
Out of it
Riding memories
Pebbled ripples of impressions formless in waterless ponds
Hooking ensnaring vagueness
Triggered anonymously
Playing in dark theaters
Lonesome projector
Empty audiences
A long paused play
Actors old
Devoid of dramatics


Like unshot arrows in the skies
Or meetings without greetings minus goodbyes
Here's your unsung lullabies

Window Shopping:

Mannequins in the fields model Scarecrows in stores
In lifeless roots
Each shoots the other from the hip

Shoreline Stroll:

Palm trees dance
Grasses sway
Delicate feather
This fine weather
Away from the maddening crowd
Lives loneliness
In solitude


Here comes the moment
Knocking open doors
Long invited
Now welcomed


Dizzy with love
I go carnal
Feeling filth
It withers
Melts Dissolves Decays
Before its time
Like sudden death
Chewing bones amidst pulsating flesh
Pumping blood
Throbbing veins
Offering choices
Forgetting masks
Remembering roles
Mouthing dialogue
Enacting acts
It reacts
Mr Stimulus


There's the mighty Himalayas
In big Greek skies

Athens City Square:

Stray dogs loiter
Domesticated pet dogs bark
Freedom's a leash
Ancient stones
Modern graffiti
Primal express
In ruins
Scary silences
Quiet nooks
Flowering weeds
No needs


A little venom is still poisonous


Time suddenly has no bearing
And the hands
On the old clock
Have stopped

Looking Weathered:

There's spring in these leaves
Summer in those trees
Fruit in its fall
Winter in its call
And the seasons in its seeds

Another Athenian Sunset:

Cold terrace watches
A twinkle
From a long dead star
Now flickering in the evening unfolding twilight
Horizons turning orange
Vivid scarlet
Fading Yellow
In vibrant colors turning mellow
Blue skies faint
The gray city watches the turquoise sea
Floating ships look like boats
Are they mooring at the harbor or sailing sea?
Nobody asks
Television antennas hook at nothing
Spaciousness flows
Now glows
In chameleon changes
Of infinite transitions
Wisps of darkening clouds
As if to say "organic painting"
If there is such a thing
Breaking free of frozen frames
Hung galleries


In withdrawn tones
Quiet men
Sing in silence
Songs nobody knows

Breaking Body:

Shoulder blade pierces
Spine slouches
Neck bone twists
Chest burns
Stomach aches
Fingers crack
Toes stub
Knees wobble
Mind hunts
Eating nothingness
This belly of emptiness
Mouthing form
Hearing sense
Grasping air
Feeding mortality

Proofless Pudding:

Thinning evidence
In lessening need
Of thickening facts
In existential proofs
Now gathering pace
In rushing peace
Numberless entities
Informing mind
Of their existence
In mindless milieus
They fret and they strut


Seeking anonymity
Courting attention
Getting nowhere


Bright sun shines
Blazing burns
Seeking shade
Flesh avoids haunting shadows
Blaming mirrors sounds foolish
Let's sit
Watch the shows
Or walk
And feed the crows

Nothing Fixed:

Surrounded by rainbows I gaze
Touching is such a feeble gesture
Absence of the rain is matterless
Much less seeking it within misty environments
Dreams do not end
This blurry vision never had a start up
So what's to grasp but an allusion
Let it be and see
Last night is here tonight
As today is here from yesterday
Screwing linear trajectory
Logical conjecture
I prefer being muted
Tomorrow is an extension
There are no cords
Nor sockets to plug it in
In building such phantoms
Labor is wasted
Together with breath
Quite a lot of it
So let it be
Worry comes smiling
With a comrade called anxiety
Fundamentalist recruiters
Tempting me with usefulness
And meaning
Deeply enthralling tales
And other fruits of the vain
But I'm already slain
Dead in these regards
Lifeless corpse
Long retired from the marketplace
Mere wanderer
A fin in an ocean
Tending nothing but the waters
Minding nothing but the swim
Where wet waters dry
Dry waters wet
What's the point in squabbling
Moving lips
Sticking out tongue
And striking other myriad forms of energetic paraphernalia
The puzzle is the ruse
Just let it be
See a-muse


potatoes and onions
they shrink
they sprout
even as they die
shooting greens

Mental Meal:

in bed
dreams of distress
keeps me awake
in a couch
i slouch
in thoughts
i live
in worries
i wither
in goodness
i panic
believing in my-(self)
i become a constant threat
seeing them as (other)
i play (chess)
surprised at the resulting mess
i employ guess
sitting on a selfish cushion
i go to (work)
in a fleeting glimpse
i realise (i) must (die)
become whole
cutting me
say the proper good(bye)
in welcoming the things of this world

Angular Stances:

Sitting straight
Everything is crooked
Spinning screws
Nuts and bolts
And fusion arrives
Fusing explosives
Bringing silencers
Settling mind
Disconnecting dynamite
Bringing clam
Resting speed
From F1 circuits
Momentary ceasefires

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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